Sep 12, 2022

UPDATED CASE STUDY: How To Go Viral On TikTok In 2024 & Hire Influencers. It’s not what you think …

Every brand owner wakes up each day hoping their product gets picked up by a big influencer and goes viral. Sales skyrocket, and everyone is cheering, but it’s just not a repeatable process. Or is it?

Going viral generally happens in two ways. It’s either luck or hard work and a lot of trying. While putting this case study together, I’ve uncovered some interesting information about what it takes to market your products on TikTok and surge past low video views.

The main things I’ve observed are:

  • Constant authentic content is required
  • Brands or company profiles can go viral
  • The algorithm decides what goes viral
  • You can influence the algorithm
  • Spark codes can help

The reality for most brands is that going viral isn’t something that happens fast.

It’s a gradual process that demands consistency, understanding the platform functoins, and connecting with your audience. Many assume that a single viral video is the key to success, but in reality, it’s the cumulative effect of multiple engaging pieces of content. It’s about creating a bond with your audience, understanding the ever-changing algorithm, and adapting your strategy accordingly. In the TikTok world, patience, authenticity, and persistence are your best allies.

To go viral, you need to keep pushing, keep trying and keep making unique content.

#1 The Need For UGC Content


Let’s start by taking a look at this company: Blendit bottle

It has so many video UGC-style posts, and only a few videos hit multi-millions of views; most were in the thousands. The funny thing is most of the videos are identical and likely even filmed on the same day. However, as they posted them daily, some just got more reach. But why?

Well, it really suggests that need to be creating lots of fresh content almost daily until you “get lucky” or “hit it right” and get picked up by the algorithm. Looking further into most of these videos, all the hashtags are mostly the same, yet only a few videos produced amazing results.

Here’s another example: Lowtide Golf

This company posts tons of unique content, and literally all the videos are the owners doing the same thing, showing off the product in use. However, 1 video hit 1.8M views while the rest gained only one to four thousand views.

#2 Brand profiles can reach viral status


Another thing that was very interesting from my research is that it doesn’t require a “big influencer” to go viral. The 2 examples above went viral right from the brand’s page. So this makes going viral even easier since you don’t even need the creator or influencer to post the video on their TikTok (even though that might help).

Having a hard time trying to create content on your own? Use a UGC platform like JoinBrands and quickly create tons of unique and authentic UGC videos from creators all over America.

Platforms or marketplaces like ours save brands time and money from having to do all the manual reach out, negotiations, and content rights transfers. Instead, just post a job and let UGC creators come to you.

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#3 You have to work with the algorithm


Look at all your competitors and see what they are doing and NOT doing. Find ways to out content them with unique ways of positioning your product.

TikTok is perfect for small brands because it doesn’t require a budget like TV or mainstream ad networks need. You just need to be creative and tap into what’s currently working.

Looking up current trends for videos, songs that are trending, and even challenges might be a way that you can work with the algorithm and catch a wave.

#4 Use TikTok’s best practices to go viral


Here are 10 tips collected from multiple different blogs and resources to help you influence the algorithm and make your videos have a better chance of going viral:

  • Grab the viewer’s attention in the first 2 seconds. You need action, something funny or something that makes viewers want to see what happens next
  • Don’t make videos longer than they need to be. Tiktok tracks how much of a video is watched vs how many seconds were watched. You are far more likely to have someone watch 30 seconds of a 40-second video than 60 seconds of an 80-second video.
  • Use voice-over videos. It helps users understand what the video is and keep their attention.
  • Use trending songs and video styles to help catch the algorithm’s attention. Most videos that go viral do it with music that matches trends.
  • Show products in use or tell a story. Create that “aha” moment or capture the viewer’s attention by making them need to see what happens next.
  • Add call to action. Add a call to action if needed to get the viewer to comment or like the video. More comments and likes help push the video farther into the organic reach
  • Make it confusing or fast. The more people that have to re-watch to understand what just happened, the better. Replays are good for an organic time watching videos
  • Add text on the opening screen. The text helps draw a viewer in. Try making crazy statements or asking questions. “Ever seen an apple fall up?” or “Make pimples disappear in 17 seconds”
  • Reply to comments. Help keep the conversation going by replying to all the comments. More comments mean more reach.
  • Don’t try to sell them with links or affiliate codes. Viewers want to discover things and not feel like they are being sold to. Be authentic.

#5 Spark codes help brands promote videos


TikTok is smart. They built a unique and easy way for brands or companies to promote organic content by just entering a “Spark Code” in their brand’s ad platform.

This code allows any brand or company to promote content using their own money but do it through the creator’s page. This helps the creator by getting free reach from the paid ad while giving the brand exposure but not under the brand’s page.

Whenever you see content posted on TikTok that is promoting your brand, you can reach out to the creator and ask them for a spark code. It’s truly a win-win situation.

12 Amazing TikTok Viral Product Examples


Finally, we have scoured TikTok and the web to find some of the most recent examples of brand pages and creators’ pages of videos that went viral. I suggest you click on the links and check out the rest of their videos so that you can draw the same conclusion as me.

Rawgenics Seamoss – 4.1M Views


Sea moss contains 90% of what the human body needs to be at its best 🌱 💪🏼 #seamossbyrawgenics #vitamindeficient #naturesmedicinecabinet

♬ original sound – trinn

Kenga Coolers – 1.4 mil views


#Stitch w/ @Brooke + Riann thanks for revolutionizing our iceless soda pitch

♬ original sound – Kanga 🍻

Sobra Worldwide – 2.7 mil views

Better Brand Supplements – 2.2 mil views

Bonnet King – 2.9 mil views

Lowtide Golf – 1.8 mil views

Pola Ice Pops – 10.6 mil views

Bellamour Body – 41.4 mil views

Sandwich plate  – 3.6M Views

Blendit bottle – 2.3M Views – 2.9M Views

I hope this post was helpful and gives you hope that going viral is possible.

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