Jan 16, 2024

Small Influencer Agency – Top 10 Agencies, FAQs & More

Small Influencer Agency

A small influencer agency is a compact-scale firm specializing in connecting brands with niche influencers. Despite its limited user base, it offers cost-effective solutions for brand owners aiming to promote or sell products, effectively targeting specific audiences and maintaining a more personal influencer-brand relationship.

In this post, we will discuss the top small influencer agencies and what they specialize at. Secondly, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding these small influencer agencies. 

Small Influencer Agency

Top 10 Small Influencer Agencies

Viral Nation

Viral Nation is a small influencer agency specializing in influencer marketing. With an impressive network of over 5,000 influencers, they hold significant sway in the industry. Viral Nation’s forte lies in collaborating with gaming influencers, producing content related to the gaming world. Their revenue streams primarily stem from brand collaborations, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing. For brand owners seeking to penetrate the gaming community, Viral Nation is a valuable ally. Brands such as Razer and Xbox can benefit from partnering with Viral Nation, gaining authentic exposure and engagement within the gaming sphere.


NeoReach is a notable small influencer agency recognized for its data-driven approach to influencer marketing. Their vast network provides access to an astonishing 15 million influencers, underlining their significance in the field. NeoReach specializes in working with influencers across diverse niches and sectors, offering a wide spectrum of possibilities. Their revenue primarily derives from subscription-based services and comprehensive campaign management. Brand owners looking to make precise influencer selections and optimize their return on investment can harness NeoReach’s data insights. Brands like Sephora and Adidas, aiming for precisely targeted influencer campaigns with measurable impact, can collaborate effectively with NeoReach.


Ubiquitous is a small influencer agency that specializes in the travel and lifestyle niche. Their network comprises 3,000 lifestyle influencers, emphasizing their significance in this field. Ubiquitous primarily collaborates with lifestyle influencers who create content related to travel and adventure. Their revenue streams predominantly come from brand partnerships, content creation, and event promotions. Brand owners seeking to promote lifestyle brands, particularly those catering to adventure-seeking audiences, can find value in partnering with Ubiquitous. Brands like Airbnb and REI, looking to tap into this niche, can collaborate effectively with Ubiquitous for lifestyle-focused influencer campaigns.

The Influencer Marketing Factory

The Influencer Marketing Factory stands out as a small influencer agency with a keen focus on music and entertainment partnerships. They have built a network of over 2,000 influencers, particularly in the music and entertainment sectors, which highlights their significance in this space. Specializing in musicians and artists, The Influencer Marketing Factory generates revenue through event sponsorships and promotions. Brand owners seeking to gain exposure in the music and entertainment industry can leverage their influencer network effectively. Collaborations with The Influencer Marketing Factory can be especially advantageous for brands within the music and entertainment sphere, as it provides access to a niche and engaged audience.


MOMENTiQ is a small influencer agency known for its expertise in lifestyle and fashion influencers. They work with a wide range of influencers and generate revenue through brand collaborations, sponsored content, and affiliate marketing. Brand owners looking to promote fashion and lifestyle products can benefit from MOMENTiQ’s influencer network, which offers effective and stylish brand exposure.

The Shelf

The Shelf is a small influencer agency specializing in content creation and influencer collaborations across various niches. They have a significant presence in the industry and offer brand owners opportunities for customized influencer campaigns to maximize their reach and impact.

House of Marketers

House of Marketers is a small influencer agency known for its expertise in digital marketing and influencer strategies. They collaborate with influencers across different sectors and generate income through consulting and campaign management services. Brand owners can tap into their knowledge for tailored influencer marketing strategies to boost brand visibility.


HireInfluence is a small influencer agency with a diverse network of influencers. They specialize in influencer partnerships and generate revenue through sponsored content and brand collaborations. Brand owners can leverage HireInfluence to connect with influencers suited to their specific niche and marketing goals.

inBeat Agency

inBeat Agency is a small influencer agency that focuses on data-driven influencer marketing solutions. They offer access to a variety of influencers and generate income through subscription-based services and campaign management. Brand owners can benefit from their data insights to make informed influencer selections and enhance their return on investment.


Audiencly is a small influencer agency known for its expertise in gaming and technology influencers. They collaborate with influencers in these niches and generate revenue through sponsorships, promotions, and content creation. Brand owners aiming for exposure in the gaming and tech world can effectively partner with Audiencly to tap into these specific markets, gaining authentic exposure and engagement.

Small Influencer Agency

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What is a small influencer agency?

A small influencer agency is a firm that specializes in connecting brands with influencers who have smaller, but highly engaged audiences. Unlike larger influencer agencies, they focus on influencers with a modest follower count, often under 50,000, known for their authentic engagement and niche appeal.

How does a small influencer agency differ from larger influencer marketing agencies?

Small influencer agencies prioritize influencers with fewer followers but higher engagement rates, as opposed to larger agencies that might focus on influencers with vast followings. They excel in creating more personalized, niche marketing campaigns.

What services are typically offered by small influencer agencies?

Small influencer agencies typically offer services including identifying relevant small influencers, managing influencer collaborations, creating targeted campaign strategies, and measuring campaign performance. They are adept at leveraging the close-knit community feel of small influencers’ audiences.

Can both small and large businesses benefit from a small influencer agency?

Yes, both small and large businesses can benefit from a small influencer agency. These agencies are particularly useful for targeted, niche marketing and can offer cost-effective solutions with potentially high engagement rates.

What should businesses consider when choosing a small influencer agency?

When choosing a small influencer agency, consider their industry expertise, the engagement rates of their influencer network, their history of campaign success, and their approach to analytics. Ensuring alignment with your marketing objectives is key.

How do small influencer agencies measure the success of their campaigns?

Small influencer agencies measure campaign success using metrics such as engagement rates, audience reach, brand sentiment, and conversion rates. They focus on the quality of interactions and the direct impact on targeted audience segments.


In conclusion, small influencer agencies play a pivotal role in the ever-evolving landscape of influencer marketing. With their specialized expertise, diverse influencer networks, and data-driven strategies, they offer invaluable opportunities for brand owners to target niche audiences effectively. These agencies empower brands to harness the authentic and impactful voice of influencers, making a substantial impact on brand visibility and engagement in a world where authenticity and relevance are paramount.

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