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Gaming Influencer Agency – Top 9 Agencies, FAQs & More

Gaming Influencer Agency

A gaming influencer agency is a specialized firm that connects brands with influential figures in the gaming industry. These agencies hold significance in the gaming marketing sphere, reaching millions of avid gamers. They help brand owners effectively promote and sell their products or brand by leveraging the reach and credibility of gaming influencers, tapping into a highly engaged audience.

In this post, we will discuss the top gaming influencer agencies and what they specialize at. Secondly, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding these gaming influencer agencies. 

Gaming Influencer Agency

Top 9 Gaming Influencer Agencies

Viral Nation

Viral Nation is a leading influencer marketing agency focusing on the gaming industry. It specializes in creating and executing influencer campaigns that resonate with gaming audiences. With a significant presence, it manages thousands of influencers, including top-tier gaming personalities. These influencers range from emerging talents to well-established gaming celebrities. Viral Nation generates revenue by connecting these influencers with brands for promotional campaigns. Its significant reach and expertise make it an ideal partner for brands looking to engage with the gaming community. Brands like gaming hardware companies and video game publishers can benefit from collaborations, gaining enhanced visibility and targeted audience engagement.

Socially Powerful

Socially Powerful is a global influencer marketing agency with a strong emphasis on gaming and eSports. They excel in crafting tailored campaigns for gaming audiences across various platforms. Socially Powerful boasts a network of influencers that covers a wide spectrum of the gaming community. The agency collaborates with influencers across different levels, from micro-influencers to top gaming figures. Its revenue model involves facilitating brand-influencer partnerships for targeted marketing campaigns. For brands, Socially Powerful offers access to a diverse gaming audience, enhancing brand recognition and engagement. Companies in tech, entertainment, and lifestyle sectors can leverage these partnerships for impactful marketing in the gaming niche.


GameInfluencer is a specialized agency dedicated to influencer marketing within the gaming sector. It focuses on connecting game developers and publishers with relevant gaming influencers. The agency represents a wide array of gaming influencers, from streamers to content creators. These influencers vary in size and platform, catering to different gaming demographics. GameInfluencer monetizes by organizing sponsored content and endorsement deals. It is particularly valuable for game developers seeking targeted promotion and user acquisition. Game developers and peripheral manufacturers can benefit from these collaborations through increased game visibility and product endorsement.

The Influencer Agency

The Influencer Agency operates broadly in influencer marketing, with a substantial focus on the gaming industry. They specialize in developing comprehensive marketing strategies that include gaming influencers. The agency has a diverse roster of gaming influencers, enabling it to cater to a wide range of marketing needs. These influencers include gaming content creators and eSports athletes. Its revenue comes from arranging and managing influencer-brand partnerships. The agency’s comprehensive approach is advantageous for brands seeking multifaceted marketing solutions. Brands like mobile apps, gaming accessories manufacturers, and digital entertainment services can utilize these partnerships for multi-channel marketing impact.


HYPEFACTORY is an influencer marketing agency that has a significant footprint in the gaming community. It is known for its data-driven approach to connecting brands with gaming influencers. The agency boasts a vast network of influencers, encompassing various gaming genres and platforms. It works with a broad spectrum of influencers, from niche gamers to mainstream gaming celebrities. HYPEFACTORY earns through commission from influencer-led marketing campaigns. For brands, its data-driven methodology ensures precise targeting and effective campaign execution. Companies in sectors like tech gadgets, game development, and lifestyle can partner with HYPEFACTORY for data-backed influencer campaigns.


WeAreSocial is a creative agency with a strong presence in digital marketing, including gaming influencer marketing. It specializes in creating engaging content and campaigns that appeal to the gaming community. The agency manages a range of gaming influencers, offering diverse options for brand collaborations. These influencers span from rising stars in gaming to established eSports professionals. WeAreSocial’s revenue is primarily generated from creative campaign management and influencer partnerships. It is a valuable partner for brands aiming for creative and innovative gaming-related campaigns. Entertainment and tech companies, in particular, can benefit from WeAreSocial’s creative approach to influencer marketing.


Cloutboost is a dedicated gaming influencer agency that focuses on aligning brands with relevant gaming influencers. They excel in matching influencers with brands for authentic and effective collaborations. Cloutboost has an extensive network of gaming influencers, tailored to various gaming niches and platforms. The influencers they work with range from YouTube gamers to Twitch streamers. The agency makes money through commission from successful influencer-brand partnerships. Cloutboost is essential for brands seeking genuine engagement within the gaming community. Gaming peripheral brands and video game publishers, for instance, can achieve targeted marketing and audience engagement through Cloutboost.


Famesters is a modern influencer agency with a notable presence in the gaming sector. It specializes in leveraging social media platforms to connect gaming influencers with brands. Famesters has a diverse array of gaming influencers, suitable for different types of campaigns and audiences. These influencers vary from casual gaming personalities to professional eSports players. The agency’s revenue model is based on commission from brand-influencer campaign agreements. For brands, Famesters offers access to a wide and engaged gaming audience on social media. Brands in the entertainment, technology, and gaming industry can exploit this access for extensive reach and engagement.

The Outloud Group

The Outloud Group is an influencer marketing agency that encompasses various sectors, including gaming. They focus on creating authentic storytelling campaigns that resonate with gaming audiences. The agency has a curated list of gaming influencers, suited for unique and narrative-driven campaigns. These influencers are selected for their storytelling abilities and audience engagement. The Outloud Group earns by facilitating and managing brand-influencer collaborations. Its storytelling approach is particularly appealing to brands looking for narrative-based marketing. Brands in gaming, entertainment, and tech can utilize The Outloud Group for impactful, story-centric marketing campaigns.

Gaming Influencer Agency

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What are gaming influencer agencies?

Gaming influencer agencies are specialized marketing firms that connect brands with influencers in the gaming industry. These agencies, like Viral Nation and GameInfluencer, focus on creating campaigns that resonate with gamers. They differ from general influencer agencies by concentrating solely on gaming content creators and audiences.

How do gaming influencer agencies make money?

Gaming influencer agencies generate revenue primarily through commissions from brand-influencer partnerships. Agencies like Cloutboost and HYPEFACTORY facilitate marketing campaigns between gaming influencers and brands, earning a percentage of the campaign budget.

Who can benefit from partnering with gaming influencer agencies?

Brands in tech, entertainment, and gaming sectors can greatly benefit from partnering with gaming influencer agencies. These agencies offer targeted access to the gaming community, enhancing brand visibility and engagement among gamers.

What types of influencers do gaming influencer agencies work with?

Gaming influencer agencies work with a variety of influencers, ranging from streamers and YouTubers to professional eSports players. Agencies like Socially Powerful and The Influencer Agency manage diverse rosters, catering to different gaming genres and platforms.

Why are gaming influencer agencies significant for brand owners?

Gaming influencer agencies are significant for brand owners because they provide expert marketing strategies tailored to the gaming audience. This specialization, evident in agencies like WeAreSocial and Famesters, ensures effective targeting and enhanced brand engagement in the gaming community.

Can small gaming brands collaborate with gaming influencer agencies?

Yes, small gaming brands can collaborate with gaming influencer agencies. These agencies, including The Outloud Group and Cloutboost, offer scalable solutions suitable for brands of various sizes, ensuring effective marketing regardless of the brand’s budget.


In conclusion, gaming influencer agencies have emerged as a pivotal force in the world of esports and gaming marketing. These agencies play a crucial role in connecting brands with influential gamers, creating powerful marketing campaigns, and tapping into the vast gaming audience. As the gaming industry continues to thrive, the influence of these agencies is expected to grow, reshaping the landscape of digital advertising in the process.

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