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Influencers Management Agency – Top 10 Agencies, FAQs & More

Influencers Management Agency

An influencers management agency is a business that specializes in connecting brands with social media influencers for marketing purposes. It’s significant for its vast network, influencing millions of online users. By facilitating these partnerships, the agency helps brand owners effectively promote and sell their products through targeted, influencer-led campaigns.

In this post, we’ll discuss the top influencers management agencies as well as answer some frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to them.

Influencers Management Agency

Top 10 Influencer Management Agencies 

August United

August United is an influencer management agency that forms partnerships between brands and influencers. It specializes in creating authentic and engaging content across social media platforms. With a roster of over 2,000 influencers, August United has a significant presence in the influencer marketing industry. The agency collaborates with influencers ranging from micro to macro levels, across various niches. August United generates revenue through service fees for influencer campaign management and strategy development. It offers brand owners creative and strategic solutions to engage with their target audiences more effectively. Consumer brands like PetSmart and Kroger have benefited from August United’s services, gaining increased visibility and engagement through tailored influencer partnerships.


Obviously is a full-service influencer marketing agency that manages every aspect of influencer collaborations for brands. It specializes in large-scale influencer activations and bespoke content creation. Obviously has a network of over 400,000 influencers, making it one of the largest agencies in the field. The agency works with a wide range of influencers, from niche content creators to well-known personalities. Revenue is generated through comprehensive campaign management fees and creative production services. For brand owners, Obviously provides a turnkey solution for influencer marketing, from strategy to execution. Brands like Lyft and Sephora have partnered with Obviously, leveraging its extensive network for diverse and impactful campaigns.


Stargazer is an influencer management agency that focuses on performance-based influencer marketing. It specializes in connecting brands with influencers for campaigns that drive measurable results. Stargazer has managed campaigns involving over 5,000 influencers, emphasizing its focus on scalable and result-oriented strategies. The agency predominantly works with micro and macro influencers, ensuring high engagement and conversion rates. Stargazer’s business model revolves around performance fees, aligning the agency’s interests with those of its clients. It is particularly significant for brand owners looking for ROI-focused influencer campaigns. E-commerce platforms and mobile apps frequently collaborate with Stargazer to boost conversions and user acquisition.

Acceleration Partners

Acceleration Partners is a global affiliate and partner marketing agency that includes influencer management as part of its comprehensive services. It specializes in building performance-based partnerships between brands and influencers. With partnerships in over 40 countries, Acceleration Partners has a broad and diverse reach. The agency works with a range of influencers, focusing on those who can drive direct performance metrics like sales and leads. It earns revenue through performance-based commissions and strategic consulting fees. Acceleration Partners is essential for brand owners seeking to integrate influencer marketing into a broader affiliate strategy. Retail and direct-to-consumer brands benefit from the agency’s data-driven approach to driving measurable growth.

Go Fish Digital

Go Fish Digital is a digital marketing agency that offers influencer management as part of its wider array of services. It specializes in integrating influencer marketing with search engine optimization and online reputation management. The agency has worked with hundreds of influencers, tailoring campaigns to enhance brand visibility and search rankings. Go Fish Digital collaborates with influencers who have strong authority in their respective niches. Its revenue model includes service fees for digital marketing strategies and campaign execution. For brand owners, Go Fish Digital provides a holistic approach to digital presence, combining influencer outreach with SEO and reputation management. Tech companies and professional services have used Go Fish Digital to improve their online footprint and authority.

Crowd Media

Crowd Media is a digital marketing agency that leverages influencer management to create engaging campaigns for brands. It specializes in content-driven influencer campaigns that resonate with target audiences. The agency has access to thousands of influencers, enabling tailored matches for brand campaigns. Crowd Media works with influencers across various social media platforms, focusing on content creators who can tell compelling brand stories. It generates revenue through campaign management fees and content creation services. For brand owners, Crowd Media offers the ability to connect with audiences through authentic storytelling. Lifestyle and fashion brands, in particular, find value in Crowd Media’s expertise in crafting relatable and aspirational content.

Open Influence

Open Influence is an influencer marketing platform that provides end-to-end influencer management services. It specializes in data-driven influencer selection and campaign analytics. With a network spanning tens of thousands of influencers, Open Influence offers extensive campaign reach. The agency partners with influencers across all major social platforms, emphasizing those with highly engaged followings. Open Influence makes money through subscription services for its platform and campaign management fees. It helps brand owners optimize their influencer marketing efforts with actionable insights and analytics. Brands across beauty, fashion, and lifestyle sectors use Open Influence to streamline their influencer campaigns and measure success.

Digital Voices

Digital Voices is a UK-based influencer marketing agency that focuses on creating impactful YouTube campaigns. It specializes in pairing brands with YouTube creators for authentic and engaging video content. The agency has executed campaigns with hundreds of YouTubers, showcasing its niche expertise. Digital Voices works primarily with YouTube influencers, from emerging talents to established stars. Its revenue comes from campaign strategy, execution fees, and content production services. For brand owners, Digital Voices offers a specialized approach to leveraging YouTube’s massive audience. Consumer electronics and entertainment brands benefit from Digital Voices’ ability to create compelling video narratives that drive engagement and awareness.

Kairos Media

Kairos Media is an innovative influencer marketing agency that focuses on gaming and esports. It specializes in connecting brands with influencers within the gaming community for immersive campaigns. With a network of over 10,000 gaming influencers and content creators, Kairos Media has a significant impact on the gaming sector. The agency works with a mix of Twitch streamers, YouTubers, and esports professionals. Kairos Media earns through campaign management fees and branded content creation. It is significant for brand owners looking to engage the highly coveted gaming audience. Gaming and tech brands, in particular, benefit from Kairos Media’s deep understanding of the gaming culture and its ability to create authentic brand integrations.


HireInfluence is a premier influencer marketing agency known for its bespoke campaign strategies and high-profile influencer partnerships. It specializes in crafting customized influencer campaigns that align closely with brand goals and narratives. The agency boasts a decade of experience, working with hundreds of influencers across various platforms to create impactful brand stories. HireInfluence collaborates with a curated list of top-tier influencers, ensuring quality and influence. It generates revenue through customized campaign planning, execution, and influencer matchmaking services. For brand owners, HireInfluence offers the advantage of working with industry-leading influencers and creative campaign strategies. Luxury brands and major consumer products companies often turn to HireInfluence for its proven track record of successful, high-engagement campaigns.

Influencers Management Agency

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How does an influencers management agency differ from a traditional marketing agency?

An influencers management agency focuses on connecting brands with social media influencers for promotional activities, unlike traditional marketing agencies that offer a broader range of advertising services across various mediums.

What services do influencers management agencies typically offer?

These agencies typically provide influencer matchmaking, campaign strategy and execution, content creation guidance, performance analytics, and contractual negotiations between brands and influencers.

What are the benefits of working with an influencers management agency for brands?

Working with an influencers management agency offers brands tailored influencer matches, expert campaign strategies, efficient execution, and detailed performance tracking, resulting in higher engagement and ROI.

How do influencers management agencies select influencers for brand collaborations?

Agencies select influencers based on brand alignment, audience demographics, engagement rates, content quality, and relevance to the brand’s campaign goals, often using data-driven tools for precise matching.

What types of influencers do management agencies work with?

Management agencies work with a range of influencers, including micro-influencers, macro-influencers, niche-specific influencers, and celebrity influencers, depending on the brand’s needs and campaign objectives.

How do influencers management agencies measure the success of their campaigns?

Success is measured through engagement rates, reach, impressions, click-through rates, conversions, and ROI. Agencies may also consider qualitative feedback like audience sentiment and brand alignment.

What challenges do influencers management agencies face?

Challenges include staying current with social media trends, ensuring authentic influencer-brand alignment, navigating changing platform algorithms, managing diverse influencer expectations, and accurately measuring campaign ROI.

How can brands and influencers benefit from the expertise of an influencers management agency?

Brands and influencers benefit from the agency’s expertise in strategic planning, industry insights, efficient campaign management, and performance analysis, leading to more effective collaborations and better results.

What trends are influencing the strategies of influencers management agencies?

Current trends include a focus on authenticity, leveraging micro-influencers, utilizing video content, adapting to new social media platforms like TikTok, and emphasizing long-term partnerships with influencers.

How does a brand or influencer start working with an influencers management agency?

A brand or influencer begins by contacting the agency to discuss goals and requirements. The agency then evaluates the brand’s or influencer’s needs and proposes a tailored strategy for collaboration and campaign execution.


In conclusion, influencers management agencies play a vital role in the modern marketing landscape, offering specialized expertise in connecting brands with the right influencers. These agencies streamline the influencer marketing process, ensuring strategic alignment, effective campaign execution, and measurable results. Their expertise in navigating the ever-evolving digital world makes them invaluable partners for brands seeking to enhance their online presence.

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