Nov 27, 2022

6 Best Ways to Earn Money on TikTok in 2022

Have you ever caught yourself watching TikTok videos for hours? Yes, these short addictive videos make you watch them all the time. We bet you know what we’re talking about!

But what if you could spend this time not only on watching but also on earning? That’s right, what if you could start making cash by doing the dance trends or making the makeup tutorials you’re seeing all over TikTok?  

Take a break from the TikTok videos and read on to find out how!


If you’re serious about earning on TikTok, then we have good news for you: any of your videos can get into recommendations, and you can get famous overnight with just one single video going viral without you even planning it. 

But we won’t leave it to chance. Let’s explore how you can earn money without waiting for that lucky moment!


Find your niche 

First of all, you must determine what niche you are in. This is very important as targeted content not only attracts more TikTok users but also sparkles interest in brands

Having a niche allows you to hone in on what makes your content unique. It also helps brands determine if you are the right fit for them and makes you different from others. 

If you’re into beauty and cosmetics – go for it! If you love cars and technology – you might as well move in that direction! If you have a niche and consistently share cool content, you’ll ultimately gain more followers, even if they aren’t entirely interested.

 The main takeaway here? To start earning on TikTok, you need to be focused on one specific niche and have a targeted following. So niche down and start creating!


Only my healthy snacks from❤️ *Anzeige

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1. Partner with brands

Brands are always looking for influencers and creators to partner with. So, once you’ve found your niche and set a goal of what content you’re going to create, start reaching out to brands you’d want to partner with. 

This is a great chance for you to get products and visibility in exchange for your content. For example, a brand might pay you to make a TikTok video talking about how great their soy candles smell, or you might receive a free collection of candles and some cash in exchange for just posting about it. 

2. Add affiliate links to your profile 

Partnering up with brands in affiliate programs brings you cash every time someone clicks on your links. Just insert the link in your TikTok bio and earn on the purchases of your subscribers.

An affiliate relationship is very similar to a sponsorship: you’ll promote a brand’s product or service, and provide a link to the brand’s website to purchase that. Sometimes, the business you partner with may even create a unique promo code for your followers.

To maximize your earnings as an affiliate marketer, focus on promoting products that best align with you and your audience. Create engaging videos that present affiliate products, showcasing the value and why you recommend purchasing them.

3. Hop on challenges started by brands

Brands often use TikTok challenges to make their brand viral and recognizable all over the platform. The number of views of hashtag challenges directly affects their popularity and increases the chances of the brand getting into the “For You” section.

As a creator, you can promote specific challenges started by brands, post on your profile, and watch your earnings grow as more subscribers join the challenge. 

4. Join UGC platforms

Another great way to earn on TikTok as a creator is to join UGC platforms that connect you with different brands. 

JoinBrands is a UGC platform where tons of brands are looking for TikTok creators to promote their products. On the platform you’ll be able to: 

☆ Get to work with lots of brands
☆ Receive tons of free products
☆ Earn extra money & tips

How does it work?

1. Sign up as a creator on JoinBrands
2. Choose brands you like the most & take a job
3. Receive free products and shoot videos with them
4. Post them on your TikTok account & get paid!

That’s it! 

The cool part? You’ll be able to earn from $100 per video and collaborate with top brands! Doesn’t that sound cool? Check it out at JoinBrands for Creators!


5.  Publish sponsored posts

Advertising is the main type of income on any social media platform. TikTok is no exception.

Brands can reach out to you to put up sponsored posts that present their product or service in a favorable light. Or, they can sponsor your already posted videos with your permission. Take advantage of that!


#Ad My new favourite primer leaving my skin hydrated and glowy @maccosmetics #MACstudioRadiance #TalkPrimerToMe

♬ Why Are There Boundaries – FKJ

6. Join TikTok Creator Fund 

In 2020, TikTok launched the Creator Fund, as part of the Creator Next designed to help creators monetize their content and creativity. 

This money-making option offered by TikTok gives you access to: 

TikTok Creator Marketplace – the place where you can connect with brands in order to collaborate.


LIVE Gifts – allows you to receive gifts from followers during live streams on the platform and redeem them for money. If simply, TikTok users give you a small amount of real money as a “thank you” for creating good content.


Video Gifts – a way for you to make money from their short videos. Viewers send creators virtual gifts and coins that you can exchange for cash later. 

◉ Tips – the possibility for viewers who like your content to support you financially by leaving you tips. 


How does the Creator Fund work?

To access the Creator Fund, you have to get accepted to the Creators Next Program first. 

Once accepted, The Creator Fund will pay you based on your views and engagement. You’ll be able to convert all the bonuses received from your views into cash and easily withdraw your money via different payment platforms such as PayPal. 

What are the Creator Fund criteria?

It is important to note here that to join the Creator Fund, you have to meet the following requirements:

✅ Be located where Creator Next is currently available
✅ Be at least 18 years old
✅ Have a minimum of 10,000 followers 
✅ Have at least 100,000 video views in the last 30 days
✅ Have at least three posts in the last 30 days
✅ Make sure your account meets TikTok’s Community Guidelines


Rental Reveal with @Britt 🦋 comment + tell us your fave #nuulyfits #tryon #fypシ #itstuesday

♬ original sound – nuuly

How else can you make money on TikTok?

If you’re feeling too ambitious, and want more cash, here are some other ways you can make money solely from TikTok:

🔥 In-feed ads: use the TikTok Ads Manager to promote your videos or any other services you offer.

🔥 Pitch brands: who said big brands won’t want to collaborate with TikTok creators? Take your chances and offer your services to the brands you love the most!

🔥 Song promotions: record labels and music promoters often pay influencers to promote their artists’ songs.

🔥 Sell your own products or services: use the TikTok Shop to directly sell your products or services through a mix of live streams and videos.

🔥 Be authentic: Whatever you’re going to do on TikTok, remember that authenticity and uniqueness is the key to becoming famous on TikTok!

Finishing Thoughts

As you can see, there are different ways you can make money on TikTok. Whether you’re just starting out, or already working with brands, there are always tons of opportunities for you to cash in on the craze!

So, keep posting!

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