Jan 21, 2024

Twitch Influencer Marketing Agency – Top 20 Agencies, FAQs & More

twitch influencer agency

A Twitch influencer marketing agency is a company that connects brands with influential streamers on the Twitch platform. These agencies are significant due to Twitch’s vast user base, which exceeds 140 million users, making it an ideal platform for brand promotion. For brand owners seeking to promote their products or brand, a Twitch influencer marketing agency facilitates partnerships with popular streamers, allowing them to reach a highly engaged gaming and entertainment audience effectively.

In this post, we will discuss the top Twitch influencer marketing agencies and what they specialize at. Secondly, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding these Twitch influencer marketing agencies. 

twitch influencer agency

Top 20 Twitch Influencer Marketing Agencies

Viral Nation

Viral Nation is a prominent Twitch influencer marketing agency that connects brands with influential streamers, specializing in creating engaging content. With an impressive network of over 40,000 influencers and a track record of executing more than 2,000 campaigns, it holds a significant position in the industry. Viral Nation collaborates with a wide range of influencers, including gamers, lifestyle, and entertainment streamers. They generate revenue by offering campaign management services and influencer partnerships. For brand owners, partnering with Viral Nation provides access to a vast influencer network, ensuring effective exposure to the gaming and entertainment audience. Notable brands like Microsoft and Disney have successfully collaborated with Viral Nation, benefiting from increased visibility and authentic connections with their target demographics.


NeoReach specializes in data-driven influencer marketing across various platforms, including Twitch. Their access to over 8 million influencers highlights their industry significance. NeoReach collaborates with influencers from diverse niches, ensuring a wide range of promotional possibilities. Their revenue comes from campaign management services and influencer partnerships. For brands, NeoReach offers extensive influencer reach and precision targeting, allowing them to tap into specific segments of the Twitch audience. Companies like Airbnb and McDonald’s have partnered with NeoReach, leveraging data-driven strategies for effective brand promotion and engagement.

The Influencer Marketing Factory

The Influencer Marketing Factory focuses on creating impactful Twitch influencer campaigns, collaborating with over 1,500 influencers across various niches. Their emphasis on creativity sets them apart. They earn income through campaign management services and influencer collaborations. Brand owners can benefit from The Influencer Marketing Factory’s creative approach to influencer marketing, ensuring their products or services stand out on Twitch. Brands like Nike and Red Bull have joined forces with this agency, enjoying innovative and memorable influencer-driven campaigns that resonate with their target audience.

The Goat Agency

The Goat Agency is known for its data analysis and creative approach to influencer marketing, working with Twitch influencers and high-profile brands. They offer a holistic influencer marketing experience, generating revenue through campaign management and influencer partnerships. For brand owners, The Goat Agency provides data-driven insights and creative solutions, helping them effectively engage with the Twitch community. Companies like Google and Amazon have collaborated with The Goat Agency, benefiting from data-driven strategies and creative content that drive brand visibility and authenticity on Twitch.

Kairos Media

Kairos Media is a global influencer marketing agency that collaborates with Twitch influencers, boasting over 8 billion content views and a vast global reach. Their expertise lies in influencer partnerships and content creation. They make money through campaign management services and influencer collaborations. For brand owners, Kairos Media offers a global reach and the potential to tap into diverse gaming and entertainment audiences. Brands like G2 Esports and Logitech have partnered with Kairos Media, gaining access to a massive audience and enhancing their brand presence through impactful influencer campaigns.


Audiencly specializes in working with gaming and Twitch influencers, generating revenue by managing influencer campaigns and partnerships. Their niche expertise ensures effective collaborations within the gaming community. For brand owners, Audiencly offers access to passionate and engaged Twitch audiences, facilitating authentic connections. Brands like Razer and ASUS have collaborated with Audiencly, benefiting from targeted influencer marketing that resonates with the gaming and tech-savvy demographic.


NinjaPromo is a Twitch influencer marketing agency specializing in audience engagement and monetization strategies with Twitch influencers. While specific numbers may vary, their expertise lies in connecting brands with the highly engaged Twitch community, making them a significant player in the industry. NinjaPromo works with a wide range of influencers, particularly those who excel in fostering audience interactions. They generate income by offering campaign management services and influencer partnerships. For brand owners, NinjaPromo provides a gateway to the passionate Twitch audience, allowing them to form genuine connections and boost brand visibility. Brands in the gaming and entertainment sectors can benefit greatly from NinjaPromo’s expertise, as they prioritize audience engagement and monetization strategies, aligning well with these industries.


Moburst specializes in mobile app and game promotion through partnerships with Twitch influencers. They derive revenue from user acquisition and engagement strategies. Moburst primarily collaborates with influencers who cater to the gaming and tech-savvy audience on Twitch. For brand owners, Moburst offers access to a niche yet highly engaged demographic within the Twitch community. Brands in the mobile app and gaming industries can particularly benefit from Moburst’s expertise in user acquisition and engagement, ensuring their products reach the right audience effectively.


Becore leverages its network of Twitch influencers to create experiential marketing campaigns that offer unique brand experiences on the platform. They earn income through campaign management services and influencer collaborations. For brand owners, Becore stands out as an agency that can help them create memorable interactions with the Twitch community, enhancing brand recognition and loyalty. Brands seeking innovative ways to connect with their target audience on Twitch can find value in Becore’s creative and experiential approach.

Upfluence Inc.

Upfluence Inc. connects brands with Twitch influencers and generates revenue through campaign management services and influencer partnerships. Their extensive influencer network provides brand owners with a diverse range of promotional options, making them a valuable choice for businesses looking to tap into the Twitch audience. Upfluence Inc. is significant for brand owners seeking versatile influencer marketing solutions that cater to their specific needs. Brands from various industries can collaborate with Upfluence Inc. to tailor influencer campaigns to their unique goals and target audiences.


Cloutboost specializes in Twitch influencer marketing, making them an ideal choice for brands looking to connect with gaming and entertainment influencers. They have a growing user base, signifying their increasing importance in the industry. Cloutboost primarily collaborates with gaming influencers and streamers, ensuring a niche-focused approach. Their revenue is generated through campaign management services and influencer partnerships. For brand owners, Cloutboost offers a dedicated channel to the gaming community on Twitch, allowing them to establish authentic connections and promote products effectively. Brands in the gaming and tech sectors can partner with Cloutboost to access this passionate audience.

Ader Influencer Network and Agency

Ader Influencer Network and Agency excels in esports and gaming influencer collaborations, providing brands with access to a dedicated and passionate gaming audience. They generate income through campaign management services and influencer partnerships. For brand owners, Ader is a valuable resource when aiming to engage with the gaming community authentically. Brands in the gaming, esports, and tech industries can leverage Ader’s expertise to reach a highly targeted and enthusiastic audience on Twitch, fostering brand loyalty and recognition.

Socially Powerful

Socially Powerful partners with Twitch influencers, generating revenue by delivering effective influencer marketing strategies. They are recognized for their expertise in influencer marketing, making them a significant player in the industry. Socially Powerful collaborates with a wide range of influencers, ensuring flexibility in campaign strategies. For brand owners, Socially Powerful offers access to the large and engaged Twitch audience, providing tailored influencer marketing solutions. Brands in various sectors, from gaming to lifestyle, can collaborate with Socially Powerful to leverage their industry know-how and connect with their target audience effectively, gaining visibility and authenticity.

Flood Interactive

Flood Interactive collaborates with various influencer types, including Twitch, offering brands a holistic influencer marketing experience. Their comprehensive approach is reflected in their growing significance. Flood Interactive works with influencers across diverse niches, ensuring adaptability in campaign execution. They generate revenue through comprehensive campaign management and influencer partnerships. For brand owners, Flood Interactive is an ideal choice for integrated influencer marketing, allowing them to seamlessly engage with their audience across multiple platforms, including Twitch. Brands seeking a well-rounded influencer strategy can benefit from Flood Interactive’s expertise in creating cohesive campaigns that resonate with their target demographics.


Foreseen leverages data-driven insights to connect brands with the right Twitch influencers, ensuring impactful collaborations. Their focus on precision and analytics sets them apart in the industry. Foreseen collaborates with influencers who align with a brand’s specific needs and goals. They generate income through meticulous campaign management and influencer partnerships. For brand owners, Foreseen is instrumental in achieving precise targeting and engagement on Twitch, ensuring maximum ROI. Brands looking for a strategic and data-driven approach to influencer marketing can rely on Foreseen’s expertise to optimize their campaigns effectively.


Gameset specializes in gaming and esports influencer marketing, providing brands with a direct path to the gaming community. Their niche focus makes them significant for brand owners looking to tap into this dedicated demographic. Gameset primarily works with gaming influencers and esports professionals, facilitating authentic connections within the gaming community. They make money through campaign management services and influencer collaborations. For brand owners, Gameset offers a tailored approach to influencer marketing, ensuring effective engagement with the gaming and esports audience. Brands within the gaming industry, as well as those seeking crossover opportunities, can collaborate with Gameset to gain credibility and reach a passionate gaming community.

Heaven Media

Heaven Media specializes in gaming and esports influencer partnerships, offering brands direct access to passionate gamers. They are crucial for brand owners seeking genuine engagement within the gaming and esports scene. Heaven Media collaborates with gaming influencers, esports teams, and industry experts, ensuring a comprehensive approach. Their revenue stream is driven by campaign management and influencer partnerships. For brand owners, Heaven Media serves as a gateway to the gaming and esports community, enabling authentic interactions and brand loyalty. Brands in the gaming, tech, and esports sectors can partner with Heaven Media to establish a strong presence and build meaningful relationships with their target audience.

Rodgers Townsend

Rodgers Townsend offers a full spectrum of marketing services, including Twitch influencer marketing, tailored to diverse brand needs. They are versatile and adaptable to various industries, making them a significant choice for brand owners. Rodgers Townsend collaborates with influencers across a wide range of niches, ensuring flexibility in campaign execution. They generate income through comprehensive marketing and influencer partnerships. For brand owners, Rodgers Townsend provides a one-stop-shop for marketing needs, allowing them to integrate influencer marketing seamlessly into their broader strategies. Brands across different sectors can partner with Rodgers Townsend to benefit from their versatility and expertise in creating customized campaigns that align with their specific goals and target demographics.

Spartan Elite Advertising

Spartan Elite Advertising focuses on influencer marketing, including Twitch, helping brands reach a wider and engaged audience. They are instrumental for brand owners seeking an extended reach within the gaming and entertainment space. Spartan Elite Advertising collaborates with influencers from gaming, entertainment, and tech niches, ensuring diverse campaign possibilities. Their revenue is derived from comprehensive campaign management and influencer partnerships. For brand owners, Spartan Elite Advertising offers access to a broader and highly engaged audience, facilitating impactful brand exposure and engagement. Brands seeking to expand their reach within the gaming and entertainment industry can partner with Spartan Elite Advertising to maximize their marketing efforts effectively.

The Outloud Group

The Outloud Group specializes in influencer marketing, collaborating with Twitch influencers to amplify brand messages effectively. They provide brands with an opportunity to connect with the Twitch audience through authentic influencer partnerships. The Outloud Group generates income through campaign management services and influencer collaborations. For brand owners, collaborating with The Outloud Group means leveraging the power of influential Twitch creators to increase brand visibility and foster authentic connections. Brands looking to establish a genuine presence on Twitch and engage with the gaming and entertainment audience can benefit from The Outloud Group’s expertise in crafting impactful influencer-driven campaigns.

twitch influencer agency

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What are Twitch influencer marketing agencies?

Twitch influencer marketing agencies specialize in connecting brands with Twitch streamers for promotional purposes. These agencies help businesses tap into the vast audience of Twitch by identifying appropriate streamers whose followers align with the brand’s target market.

How do Twitch influencer marketing agencies differ from traditional marketing agencies?

Unlike traditional marketing agencies, Twitch influencer marketing agencies focus specifically on the Twitch platform, leveraging streamers to promote products. Traditional agencies might use a broader range of media, while Twitch agencies concentrate on the unique audience and format of live streaming.

What services do Twitch influencer marketing agencies offer?

These agencies offer services like streamer identification and collaboration, campaign management, analytics, and reporting. They manage the entire process of influencer marketing on Twitch, from selecting suitable influencers to measuring campaign success.

Who can benefit from Twitch influencer marketing agencies?

Brands looking to reach a young, engaged audience, particularly in gaming and tech sectors, can benefit significantly from these agencies. Streamers seeking to monetize their channels can also gain from these services by getting connected with suitable brands.

What are the costs associated with Twitch influencer marketing agencies?

Costs vary depending on the agency, the scope of the campaign, and the popularity of the streamers involved. Typically, agencies charge a fee for their services, which might include a percentage of the influencer’s earnings or a flat rate for the campaign.

How effective are Twitch influencer marketing agencies in brand promotion?

These agencies are highly effective for targeted brand promotion, especially for products relevant to the Twitch community. They provide access to a niche, engaged audience, which often results in higher conversion rates compared to traditional advertising channels.


In conclusion, Twitch influencer marketing agencies play a pivotal role in connecting brands with the ever-expanding gaming and streaming community on the platform. As the gaming industry continues to thrive, these agencies offer a strategic and effective way for businesses to tap into this dynamic market, fostering authentic connections between influencers and their audiences while achieving marketing goals. As the Twitch ecosystem evolves, these agencies are likely to become even more influential in the realm of digital marketing.

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