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Boost Your Amazon Advertising Success with Ad Badger – Precision Bidding, Powerful Optimizations, Unbeatable Support

Choose Ad Badger for a comprehensive and innovative approach to Amazon Advertising. Our advanced software is designed to revolutionize your advertising strategy, delivering maximum return on investment through industry-leading tools.

Our nightly automated bid optimizations and bidding report card feature provide a detailed health dashboard for your account. The manual bid changes in bulk, and our proprietary Nightly Automated Negative Keyword Creator ensure your campaigns are always on point. Our manual keyword finders also enable a more focused and successful advertising strategy.

Efficient account navigation is at the heart of our software, offering a supercharged version of Amazon’s Ad Manager designed for speed and visibility. This allows you to get the data you need quickly and efficiently.

Our innovative software features powerful keyword and targeting automation. You can rest easy knowing that Ad Badger will continuously scan your campaigns, eliminating unprofitable keywords that drain your budget.

We don’t stop at providing great software. Our success team, including a 1-on-1 onboarding call with a PPC specialist upon signup and check-in 30 days later, ensures you have the support you need. Our customer support team is always ready to help, and our ever-growing help center is a valuable resource for our DIY clients. Founder & CEO Michael Facchin personally leads an onboarding course to kickstart your journey.

Receive weekly CoPilot emails brimming with crucial metrics and optimization tips, and enjoy access to advanced PPC courses in the Ad Badger Academy. We also offer managed PPC services for a 100% customized approach to your Amazon PPC, including strategic calls to plan your campaign scaling. Our Amazon PPC coaching program is designed for those who prefer managing their own campaigns but want the added benefit of an experienced Amazon Advertising Professional’s guidance.

Ad Badger combines the power of innovative software with expert support to supercharge your Amazon Advertising strategy.

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Discover Ad Badger, your all-in-one solution for Amazon PPC management and advertising optimization. Enjoy our innovative software, expert-led training, and exceptional customer support designed to boost your campaign performance and ROI.

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