Your Secret Weapon to Win on Amazon with Advanced PPC Automation.

Maximize your success on Amazon with Adbrew’s cutting-edge PPC software. Designed with agencies, brands, sellers, and aggregators in mind, our powerful advertising platform pairs expertly curated strategies with data-driven insights to propel you to unprecedented success. Benefit from our highly customizable and advanced automation software that enhances advertising efforts. Adbrew helps you minimize wasted ad spend, react swiftly in real time, and optimize your bids and budgets for maximum return. With more brilliant budget pacing, contextual keyword harvesting, and search term negation, you have everything you need to outperform your competition.

Adbrew’s comprehensive dashboards and reporting capabilities put all your Amazon data at your fingertips, enabling you to access and analyze it in a single place. Gain a consolidated view of performance reports across organic and advertising data, and measure your brand’s reach in the competitive landscape through Share of Voice, down to the hour. Stay ahead of the curve by identifying trends and opportunities faster with our real-time reporting and actions via the Amazon Marketing Stream. Also, take your brand to the next level with our automated audit highlighting hygiene issues with your Amazon Advertising Campaigns and intelligent, goal-based recommendations for a truly scalable growth strategy. Adbrew empowers you with instant, actionable insights that make a difference.

AdBrew Adbrew

Unleash the power of Amazon advertising with Adbrew. Perfect for brands, sellers, agencies, and aggregators, our state-of-the-art PPC software delivers unparalleled performance. Save time and strategize better with our advanced automation tools designed to optimize bids and budgets while minimizing ad wastage. Enjoy smarter budget pacing, contextual keyword harvesting, and streamlined reporting in one place. Empower your brand growth with our automated audit features, smart recommendations, and real-time data insights.

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