SoStocked: The Pioneering, Fully Customizable Amazon Inventory Management Solution.

SoStocked is your first fully customizable and comprehensive solution for Amazon inventory management and forecasting, developed within the Carbon6 ecosystem. Our service, born from five years of Amazon sales experience, frustration with cookie-cutter solutions, and the pressing need for an intuitive yet powerful inventory management tool, redefines the approach towards maintaining Amazon inventories. With intimate understanding of an Amazon seller’s pain points, we’ve crafted software that offers full customization and transparency, adjusting for FBA, warehouses, seasonality, stock-outs, SOPs, IPI, and more.

Our software is the result of a unique collaboration between seasoned software developers and top Amazon sellers, compiling the best insights, strategies, and systems over 1.5 years. The SoStocked toolkit offers an elevated experience beyond spreadsheets and generic algorithms, presenting an intelligent and adjustable system that helps you manage and forecast your Amazon inventory accurately. Avoid nightmares of over or under ordering, costly warehouse recounts, and manage bundles, POs, and marketplaces effortlessly with SoStocked.

SoStocked SoStocked

SoStocked is your customizable Amazon inventory management and forecasting software that factors in your unique business nuances. Born from real Amazon seller experiences, our software transforms your inventory management process, providing accurate, data-backed predictions for effective stock control.

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