Nov 09, 2023

How to Find Podcast Influencers – A-Z Guide, Criteria, Precautions, Pros, FAQs

How to Find Podcast Influencers

Podcasting is a digital audio or video format available for streaming or download. The podcast industry has grown significantly over the years, with more than 460 million podcast listeners globally as of 2023. For brand owners, podcasting offers a powerful platform to promote and sell products, providing a direct and engaging way to connect with audiences.

JoinBrands provides an efficient approach to find podcast influencers to promote your brand. It helps drive brand growth and sales by connecting you with podcast influencers that align with your brand’s values. 

This article guides us through finding podcast influencers using JoinBrands in 6 steps, along with 4 other methods.  The article also provides a complete 4 step podcast influencer marketing guide. It highlights 5 key traits of a good podcast influencer, outlines 5 precautions when collaborating, and discusses 5 benefits of such partnerships. FAQs and a conclusion offer additional insights.

Now we will answer: How to Find Podcast Influencers.

How to Find Podcast Influencers

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What is a Podcast Influencer? 

Podcast influencers are content creators with significant industry expertise, fostering trust and credibility. They possess engaging communication skills, niche relevance, and a loyal following. Types of podcast influencers include industry experts, celebrity hosts, and micro-influencers, etc. For brand owners, collaborating with podcast influencers offers increased brand visibility, audience engagement, credibility, and a targeted reach, enhancing product promotion and sales.

Here are the three types of podcast influencers that can help your brand grow:

  1. Podcast Industry Experts: These influencers are professionals with deep knowledge in a specific field, suitable for brand owners seeking to establish authority and credibility in niche markets.
  2. Podcast Celebrity Hosts: Known personalities hosting podcasts, ideal for brand owners aiming to reach a broad audience and leverage the host’s existing fan base.
  3. Podcast Micro-Influencers: Individuals with smaller but highly engaged followings, perfect for brand owners focused on targeted and authentic connections.

Now, we will discuss how to find these types of podcast influencers (best method with JoinBrands shared) along with a few other methods.

5 Methods to Find Podcast Influencers

In this section, we will discuss some of the other methods to find podcast influencers. We will include the overview, tools used and step by step procedure so you can promote your brand or sell products effectively through podcast influencer marketing. 

Let’s review 5 methods in detail. 

Method 1: Finding Podcast Influencers with JoinBrands (Best & Most Recommended) 

JoinBrands offers an efficient method for finding podcast influencers, catering specifically to brand owners. This platform allows brands to customize campaigns and connect with podcast influencers based on certain traits such as product details, content type, and more. 

Here are the 6 steps to find podcast Influencers using JoinBrands:

  1. Sign Up on JoinBrands: Register as a brand.
  2. Start a Campaign: Choose between ‘UGC Videos: Content Only’ for podcast videos.
  3. Add Product Information: Include details like type, name, price, industry, and an external link, along with an image for podcasts.
  4. Choose Delivery Option: Decide between reimbursement or direct delivery to podcast influencers.
  5. Customize Creator Demographics: Select specific podcast influencer demographics like gender, age, and ethnicity.
  6. Review and Create Your Campaign: Finalize your choices and launch the podcast campaign.

The significance of this method lies in its customization capabilities, enabling brand owners to precisely target the types of podcast influencers that align best with their brand’s image and audience.

In order to have a step by step (image based guide) to find podcast influencers on JoinBrands, click here

Now we will look at the next item on the list, finding podcast influencers on social media platforms.

Method 2: Finding Podcast Influencers on Social Media Platforms

Explore Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to connect with podcast influencers directly on their social media profiles.

Here are the 3 steps to find podcast influencers on social media platforms:

  1. Use relevant hashtags and keywords in platform search.
  2. Explore podcast influencer profiles and engagement.
  3. Connect with influencers through direct messages.

This method is valuable for brand owners seeking direct interaction and quick identification of potential podcast collaborators.

Now, we will look at the next item on the list, “Method 3: Finding Podcast Influencers in Podcast Directories.”

Method 3: Finding Podcast Influencers in Podcast Directories

Navigate podcast directories such as Apple Podcasts or Spotify to discover influencers within your brand’s niche.

Here are the 3 steps to find podcast influencers in podcast directories:

  1. Browse categories and sub-genres.
  2. Read reviews and ratings.
  3. Identify podcast influencers with relevant content.

This method is essential for brand owners looking for podcast influencers with established credibility and audience approval.

Now, we will look at the next item on the list, “Method 4: Finding Podcast Influencers through Influencer Marketing Agencies.”

Method 4: Finding Podcast Influencers through Influencer Marketing Agencies

Engage influencer marketing agencies specializing in connecting brands with suitable podcast influencers.

Here are the 3 steps to find podcast influencers through influencer marketing agencies:

  1. Research and identify reputable agencies in your industry.
  2. Submit your brand details and requirements.
  3. Collaborate with the agency to find the right podcast influencers.

This method is beneficial for brand owners seeking professional assistance in identifying and connecting with podcast influencers.

Now, we will look at the final method on the list, “Method 5: Finding Podcast Influencers at Industry Events and Conferences.”

Method 5: Finding Podcast Influencers at Industry Events and Conferences

Attend relevant events and conferences to network with podcast influencers and establish direct connections.

Here are the 3 steps to find podcast influencers at industry events and conferences:

  1. Identify key events in your industry.
  2. Attend sessions and engage in networking.
  3. Connect with podcast influencers during events.

This method is crucial for brand owners aiming to establish direct relationships with podcast influencers and explore collaboration opportunities.

Now that we’ve covered all five methods, you can choose the approach that best fits your brand’s podcast influencer marketing strategy.

The Complete Podcast Influencer Marketing Guide (4 Easy Steps)

To find the right podcast influencer for your brand, explore JoinBrands for a streamlined process based on your niche. Utilize social media platforms like Twitter to engage directly, search podcast directories for relevant podcast influencers, collaborate with influencer agencies for professional guidance, and attend industry events for direct connections.

1. Social Media Search

Utilize social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram for a direct and interactive approach to finding podcast influencers. Execute this by searching for relevant hashtags and keywords related to your brand’s industry. As an illustration, a sustainable fashion brand can engage with eco-conscious podcast influencers, fostering authentic connections and tapping into a like-minded audience.

2. Podcast Directories

Explore podcast directories such as Apple Podcasts or Spotify, employing them as valuable resources for discovering podcast influencers in specific categories. Execute this by browsing through categories, listening to sample episodes, and reading reviews to identify podcast influencers with content that aligns with your brand. For example, a technology brand can connect with podcast influencers in the gadgets and innovation category, ensuring relevance and resonance with their target audience.

3. Influencer Agencies

Collaborate with influencer marketing agencies to streamline the process of finding suitable podcast influencers. Execute this by researching reputable agencies in your industry, submitting detailed brand information and requirements, and working closely with the agency to identify the right podcast influencers. For a startup in the business and entrepreneurship niche, seeking guidance from an influencer marketing agency ensures a strategic and professional approach to podcast influencer collaboration.

4. Event Networking

Attend industry events to establish direct connections with podcast influencers. Execute this by identifying relevant events, participating in networking sessions, and engaging podcast influencers during the events. For instance, a travel brand can connect with podcast influencers at a tourism industry conference, fostering personal relationships and exploring collaboration opportunities that align with the brand’s goals.

Now that we know how to find the right podcast influencer, let’s explore what makes a successful podcast influencer marketing campaign.

What makes a Good Podcast Influencer? (5 Things to Consider to Find the Right Podcast influencer)

A good podcast influencer for your brand is specific to your niche, ensuring authentic content alignment. High engagement metrics signify an active audience, fostering credibility. Consistent brand values establish trust, while quality content reflects professionalism. Understanding the podcast influencer’s audience demographics enhances targeted reach. 

1. Relevance in Niche (Specificity)

Being specific to a niche is vital as it ensures content alignment with your brand, making the collaboration more authentic. For example, a tech brand collaborating with a podcast influencer specialized in gadgets resonates well. Conversely, a generic podcast influencer dilutes brand relevance, like a beauty podcast influencer for a finance brand.

2. Engagement Metrics (Authenticity)

High engagement metrics matter as they indicate an authentic and active audience. For instance, a podcast influencer with a high number of comments and shares signifies an engaged community. On the contrary, a podcast influencer with inflated follower numbers but low engagement lacks authenticity, potentially leading to ineffective brand promotion.

3. Consistent Brand Values (Credibility)

Aligning with consistent brand values is crucial for credibility and audience trust. For example, a sustainability-focused podcast influencer partnering with an eco-friendly brand establishes authenticity. In contrast, a podcast influencer whose values contradict a brand’s principles, like a health-conscious podcast influencer promoting sugary snacks, raises credibility concerns.

4. Quality Content (Professionalism)

Providing high-quality content reflects professionalism and enhances the brand’s image. For instance, a podcast influencer producing well-edited and informative podcasts adds value to brand collaboration. Conversely, a podcast influencer with subpar content, such as poor audio quality or inconsistent posting schedules, may compromise the brand’s reputation.

5. Audience Demographics (Targeted Reach)

Understanding the podcast influencer’s audience demographics ensures alignment with your brand’s target audience. For example, a podcast influencer with an audience matching your business’s demographics enhances targeted reach. On the other hand, collaborating with a podcast influencer whose audience doesn’t align demographically may lead to ineffective marketing efforts.

Now that we know what makes a good podcast influencer, let’s explore precautions you should take while working with them.

How to Find Podcast Influencers

5 Things to Take Care of While Working with Podcast Influencers  (Necessary Precautions) 

When working with podcast influencers, take precautions like defining clear contract terms to avoid disputes, verifying engagement metrics for authenticity, regularly assessing brand alignment, ensuring content appropriateness for the target audience, and continuously monitoring partnerships to address unexpected changes promptly. These measures safeguard your brand’s reputation and ensure effective collaborations.

1. Clear Contract Terms

Define clear contract terms to avoid misunderstandings and ensure both parties’ expectations are met. Without clarity, legal disputes may arise, impacting your brand’s reputation. For example, a beauty brand and a podcast influencer might have conflicting expectations without a detailed contract.

2. Authenticity Verification

Verify the authenticity of the podcast influencer’s engagement metrics to ensure genuine audience interaction. Neglecting this precaution may result in ineffective marketing efforts and potential damage to your brand’s credibility. For instance, partnering with a podcast influencer with fake followers can harm your brand’s reputation.

3. Brand Alignment Assurance

Regularly assess brand alignment with the podcast influencer’s content to maintain consistency. Failing to do so may lead to unintentional misrepresentation, causing confusion among your audience. For instance, a lifestyle brand collaborating with a podcast influencer who shifts focus without notice may confuse followers.

4. Audience Appropriateness

Ensure the podcast influencer’s content is appropriate for your target audience to avoid brand misalignment. Ignoring this precaution may lead to negative associations, potentially harming your brand’s image. For example, a family-oriented brand collaborating with a podcast influencer sharing mature content can be detrimental.

5. Continuous Monitoring

Continuously monitor podcast influencer partnerships to address any unexpected changes promptly. Without vigilance, your brand may face reputational damage due to unforeseen podcast influencer actions. For instance, a podcast influencer’s controversial behavior can quickly tarnish your brand’s image if not addressed swiftly.

Now that we have an idea of the precautions to take care of when finding a podcast influencer, let’s look at the benefits that podcast influencers can have on your business/brand.

5 Benefits of Working with Podcast Influencers (Why Should You Even Partner?)

Partnering with podcast influencers brings numerous benefits for brand owners, including increased brand visibility with a broader reach, enhanced credibility and trust through influencer endorsement, targeted engagement with specific audiences, effective product promotion leading to higher conversion rates, and access to valuable data-driven insights for refined marketing strategies. These advantages contribute to overall business growth and success.

1. Increased Brand Visibility

Collaborating with podcast influencers boosts brand visibility, expanding your reach and attracting a larger audience. For example, a tech brand partnering with a renowned podcast influencer sees a spike in online mentions and brand searches.

2. Enhanced Credibility and Trust

Podcast influencers’ endorsement enhances brand credibility, fostering trust among their dedicated followers. This trust translates into increased customer confidence and loyalty. For instance, a wellness brand collaborating with a trusted health podcast influencer gains credibility in the eyes of health-conscious consumers.

3. Targeted Audience Engagement

Podcast influencers help in targeting specific audience segments, ensuring that your message reaches the right demographics. This targeted approach leads to higher engagement rates. For example, a fashion brand collaborating with a style-focused podcast influencer ensures its content resonates with a fashion-forward audience.

4. Effective Product Promotion

Podcast influencers provide an authentic platform for product promotion, showcasing products in a relatable context. This authenticity results in higher conversion rates. For instance, a beauty brand collaborating with a makeup tutorial podcast influencer effectively promotes its products, leading to increased sales.

5. Data-Driven Insights

Partnering with podcast influencers offers valuable data insights into audience preferences and behavior. Utilizing this data enhances your marketing strategy. For example, a travel brand collaborating with podcast influencers gains insights into popular travel destinations among its target audience.

Now that we have an idea of the benefits of finding a podcast influencer, let’s answer the most frequently asked questions to find the right podcast influencer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What are some tips for reaching out to podcast influencers?

When reaching out to podcast influencers, it’s important to be respectful of their time and expertise. Start by researching the influencer and their podcast to get a sense of their style and content. Then, craft a personalized pitch that highlights how your brand can add value to their listeners. Be sure to follow up with a thank-you note after the collaboration is complete.

How can I measure the success of a podcast influencer campaign?

You can measure the success of a podcast influencer campaign by tracking metrics like downloads, listens, and engagement rates. You can also use tools like Google Analytics to track website traffic and conversions.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when working with podcast influencers?

Some common mistakes to avoid when working with podcast influencers include failing to do your research, being too pushy or aggressive, and failing to provide clear guidelines and expectations. It’s also important to be transparent about your goals and budget from the outset.

How can I build a long-term relationship with a podcast influencer?

You can build a long-term relationship with a podcast influencer by being consistent in your communication and follow-through. Offer value to the influencer beyond just a one-time collaboration, such as sharing their content on social media or providing feedback on their podcast.

What are some best practices for collaborating with podcast influencers?

Some best practices for collaborating with podcast influencers include being clear about your goals and expectations, providing value to the influencer and their listeners, and being open to feedback and suggestions. It’s also important to be respectful of the influencer’s time and expertise.


In conclusion, navigating the realm of podcast influencers is a strategic and rewarding endeavor for brands. Utilizing platforms like JoinBrands, verifying engagement metrics, and ensuring brand alignment lead to effective collaborations. The benefits, including heightened visibility, enhanced credibility, and targeted engagement, position podcast influencers as indispensable partners in the dynamic landscape of modern marketing. Embrace these insights to elevate your brand through impactful podcast collaborations and stay ahead in the competitive digital space.

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