Dec 24, 2023

11 Steps: How to Find Influencers on JoinBrands (Best and Most Recommended Method)

11 Steps: How to Find Influencers on JoinBrands

In this section, we will share a detailed and step by step process to find influencers using Join Brands. 

  1. Open 
  2. Click Sign Up
  3. Choose, “I’m Brand”

  4. Click, “start campaign”

  5. Click, “UGC Images: Content only” if you prefer quality images or “UGC Videos: Content only” if you prefer quality videos.

  6. Select the name of the campaign and click next

  7. Add product information (type, name, price, industry, external link) and upload image. Click next once done

  1. Choose a suitable delivery option:

    A. Reimbursement: Creators purchase the product and the payment is reimbursed
    B. Delivered by me: You will deliver the product to each creator yourself

    Add shipping cost and tax amount

  2. Add the following details now:

    A. Add product: Give more details about the product to the creator. Include features, links and anything else you think is important
    B. Content Type: Choose between the type of content you want created for your product.
    C. Content format: Choose between Any, Portrait, Landscape and Square.
    D. Content brief: Provide a brief description of the features of your product that you’d like to promote.

  3. Select creator demographics (gender, preferable age, ethnicity, special requirements and other details). Select the number of influencers you need as well. Click next.

  4. Review details and click create to get started

Based on your brand’s requirements, you can play around with creator demographics to find creators that will work best for your particular product.

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