Nov 08, 2023

Find Crypto Influencers – A-Z Guide, Criteria, Precautions, Pros, FAQs

Find Crypto Influencers

Crypto refers to digital or virtual currencies secured by cryptography, enabling secure financial transactions. According to a study by Influencer Marketing Hub, the global crypto market cap as of July 1, 2023, was $1.23 trillion. With a growing user base, it offers brand owners a decentralized, secure, and efficient payment method, expanding global reach and facilitating transactions without intermediaries.

By leveraging JoinBrands to discover crypto influencers, brands gain streamlined access to a curated pool of credible figures. This ensures increased visibility, trust, and engagement within the crypto community. 

This article guides through finding crypto influencers using JoinBrands in 6 steps as well as 4 other methods. You also get a complete 9 step crypto influencer marketing guide. It highlights 5 key traits of a good crypto influencer, outlines 5 precautions when collaborating, and discusses 5 benefits of such partnerships. FAQs and a conclusion offer additional insights.

Now we will answer: How to Find Crypto Influencers.

Find Crypto Influencers

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What is a Crypto Influencer? 

Crypto influencers are individuals with expertise in cryptocurrency, blockchain, and related technologies. They possess in-depth knowledge, a substantial following, and credibility in the crypto community. Types of crypto influencers include analysts, educators, and enthusiasts, each contributing unique perspectives. Collaborating with crypto influencers can benefit brand owners through increased visibility, trust-building, audience engagement, and efficient promotion, enhancing brand growth and market presence.

Here are the three types of crypto influencers that can help your brand grow:

  1. Crypto Analysts: Crypto analysts provide expert insights and market analysis, making them suitable for brand owners seeking data-driven perspectives on crypto trends and investment opportunities.
  2. Crypto Educators: Crypto educators focus on explaining complex concepts, making them ideal for brands aiming to educate their audience about blockchain technology or specific cryptocurrencies.
  3. Crypto Enthusiasts: Crypto enthusiasts share a passion for the industry, making them valuable for brands looking to tap into a community’s genuine interest and build trust through shared enthusiasm.

Now, we will discuss how to find these types of crypto influencers, including the best method with JoinBrands, along with a few other effective approaches.

5 Methods to Find Crypto Influencers

In this section, we will discuss some of the other methods to find crypto influencers. We will include the overview, tools used and step by step procedure so you can promote your brand or sell products effectively through influencer marketing. 

Let’s review 5 methods in detail. 

Method 1: Finding Crypto Influencers with JoinBrands (Best & Most Recommended) 

JoinBrands offers a simple approach for finding crypto influencers, catering specifically to brand needs. This platform allows brands to connect with crypto influencers in order to promote their products.

Here are the 6 steps to find crypto Influencers using JoinBrands:

  1. Sign Up on JoinBrands: Register as a brand.
  2. Start a Campaign: Choose between ‘UGC Images: Content Only’ for crypto images or ‘UGC Videos: Content Only’ for crypto videos.
  3. Add Product Information: Include details like type, name, price, industry, and an external link, along with an image for crypto.
  4. Choose Delivery Option: Decide between reimbursement or direct delivery to crypto influencers.
  5. Customize Creator Demographics: Select specific crypto influencer demographics like gender, age, and ethnicity.
  6. Review and Create Your Campaign: Finalize your choices and launch the crypto campaign.

The significance of this method lies in its customization capabilities, enabling brand owners to precisely target the types of crypto influencers that align best with their brand’s image and audience.

In order to have a step by step (image based guide) to find crypto influencers on JoinBrands, click here

Now we will look at the next item on the list, finding crypto influencers on other influencer marketing platforms.

Method 2: Social Media Platforms – Direct Engagement with Crypto Influencers

Engaging with social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram allows brand owners to connect directly with crypto influencers. 

Here are the 3 steps:

  1. Identify relevant influencers on social media.
  2. Follow and engage with their content.
  3. Directly message for collaboration.

The significance of this method lies in its real-time engagement, providing brand owners with the opportunity to foster relationships and establish direct connections within the crypto community.

Now, let’s explore the next method.

Method 3: Crypto Events and Conferences – Networking with Influencers

Attending crypto events and conferences is a valuable method for brand owners to network with influencers. 

Here are the 3 steps:

  1. Identify relevant events and conferences.
  2. Attend and participate in networking sessions.
  3. Establish direct connections with crypto influencers.

The significance of this method lies in its personal touch, allowing brand owners to build relationships directly with crypto influencers in the dynamic environment of industry events.

Now, let’s move on to the next method.

Method 4: Crypto Forums and Communities – Engaging in Targeted Discussions

Engaging with crypto forums and communities is an effective way to identify crypto influencers within specific niches. 

Here are the 3 steps:

  1. Identify relevant forums and communities.
  2. Participate in discussions and observe active members.
  3. Connect with crypto influencers within the community.

The significance of this method is its targeted approach, enabling brand owners to identify crypto influencers with a genuine interest in specific crypto topics.

Now, let’s explore the final method.

Method 5: Influencer Marketing Agencies – Expert Guidance in Crypto Industry

Collaborating with influencer marketing agencies specializing in the crypto industry provides expert guidance. 

Here are the 3 steps:

  1. Research and identify reputable crypto influencer marketing agencies.
  2. Submit detailed brand information and requirements.
  3. Work closely with the agency to identify suitable crypto influencers.

The significance of this method is its professional approach, offering brand owners strategic guidance and expertise in identifying and connecting with the right crypto influencers for their brand.

With these methods, brand owners can effectively navigate the landscape of crypto influencers.

The Complete Crypto Influencer Marketing Guide (5 Easy Steps)

Successfully finding the right crypto influencer involves defining your brand’s niche, choosing an appropriate discovery platform, and actively engaging with potential crypto influencers. Evaluate their alignment with your brand values and, finally, initiate direct connections expressing collaboration interest. This strategic process ensures effective partnerships, with each step contributing to a thoughtful and tailored approach for brand success in the dynamic cryptocurrency landscape.

1. Define Your Brand’s Niche within Crypto

Clearly articulate the specific focus or subject area of your brand within the cryptocurrency industry. To execute this step, conduct a thorough internal analysis to identify the core theme or specialty that sets your brand apart. A niche for a brand could be decentralized finance (DeFi), catering to users in the finance sector who are interested in blockchain-based financial services.

2. Select the Right Discovery Platform

Choose a suitable platform like JoinBrands, social media, or crypto forums to identify influencers aligned with your brand. Execute this step by researching the strengths and limitations of each platform and selecting the one that best suits your brand’s goals. A brand targeting crypto enthusiasts might leverage Twitter to discover influencers due to its real-time engagement and active crypto community.

3. Engage with Potential Influencers

Follow and actively engage with influencers to assess their content, credibility, and relevance to your brand. To execute, regularly interact with influencers by liking, commenting, and sharing their content, observing their engagement levels and audience responses. A brand focusing on blockchain technology could engage with influencers by participating in discussions on LinkedIn, building connections within the professional blockchain community.

4. Evaluate Influencers’ Alignment

Ensure influencers align with your brand values and messaging by analyzing the consistency and relevance of their content. To execute, review influencers’ previous posts, partnerships, and interactions to gauge their alignment with your brand’s identity. A brand promoting sustainability in crypto might evaluate influencers based on their past collaborations with eco-friendly projects.

5. Initiate Direct Connections

Reach out directly to potential influencers, expressing interest in collaboration and exploring partnership possibilities. Execute by crafting personalized messages that highlight the brand’s values and the potential mutual benefits of collaboration. A brand in the cryptocurrency education space might initiate direct connections with influencers by expressing interest in co-hosting educational webinars or producing informative content together.

What makes a Good Crypto Influencer? (5 Things to Consider to Find the Right Crypto Influencer)

A good crypto influencer possesses credibility, engaging content, brand alignment, active audience interaction, and transparent disclosures. Credibility ensures accurate information, crucial for brand trust. Engaging content fosters audience connection and sustained interest. Brand alignment ensures influencers resonate with your brand values, enhancing authenticity. Active audience interaction signifies a committed and responsive community. Transparent disclosures showcase ethical practices. 

1. Credibility

Credibility refers to the crypto influencer’s trustworthiness and expertise in the crypto industry. This is crucial as accurate information builds brand trust and loyalty. For instance, a brand focusing on crypto investments needs a crypto influencer with a proven track record in providing reliable financial insights. A crypto influencer lacking credibility might share misleading investment advice, damaging a brand’s reputation.

2. Engaging Content

Engaging content denotes the crypto influencer’s ability to create compelling and shareable material. Importance lies in fostering audience connection and sustaining interest in the brand. A brand in the crypto education space benefits from a crypto influencer who simplifies complex topics through engaging content. A crypto influencer producing monotonous or uninteresting content fails to captivate the audience, reducing brand impact.

3. Brand Alignment

Brand alignment signifies how well a crypto influencer’s values match those of your brand. This is vital for ensuring authentic representation and resonating with your target audience. If a brand advocates for environmental sustainability, collaborating with a crypto influencer promoting eco-friendly practices enhances authenticity. A crypto influencer endorsing conflicting values, such as excessive consumerism, fails to align with a brand focused on sustainability.

4. Active Audience Interaction

Active audience interaction indicates a crypto influencer’s commitment to engaging with their followers. It’s important for building a responsive and loyal community around your brand. A brand emphasizing community engagement benefits from a crypto influencer who responds to comments, questions, and actively participates in discussions. A crypto influencer with minimal interaction or engagement lacks the ability to foster a connected and engaged community.

5. Transparent Disclosures

Transparent disclosures involve crypto influencers openly communicating about partnerships, sponsorships, or affiliations. This ensures ethical practices and maintains transparency with the audience. A brand promoting a new crypto product benefits from a crypto influencer who clearly discloses their partnership, maintaining trust. A crypto influencer failing to disclose collaborations risks deceiving their audience and can lead to a loss of trust in the brand and crypto influencer relationship.

Now that we know what makes a good crypto influencer, let’s explore crucial precautions while working with them.

Find Crypto Influencers

5 Things to Take Care of While Working with Crypto Influencers  (Necessary Precautions) 

When working with crypto influencers, precautions include thorough research to align values, clear contractual agreements, compliance with regulatory guidelines, authenticity in brand alignment, and continuous monitoring. Neglecting these precautions can lead to reputational damage, legal issues, and a loss of audience trust. 

1. Due Diligence in Research

Due diligence in researching a crypto influencer’s background and previous collaborations is essential. This precaution is vital to ensure alignment with your brand values and industry standards. Neglecting this precaution can lead to partnerships with crypto influencers whose actions or values contradict your brand. For example, a brand promoting ethical crypto practices should avoid partnering with a crypto influencer involved in past controversies.

2. Clear Contractual Agreements

Clear and comprehensive contractual agreements are necessary for defining expectations and deliverables. This precaution is crucial to avoid misunderstandings and disputes during or after collaborations. Failing to establish clear agreements can result in unmet expectations, damaging your brand reputation. A crypto influencer marketing a crypto product without agreed-upon terms might fail to deliver agreed promotional content, impacting the brand negatively.

3. Compliance with Regulatory Guidelines

Ensure compliance with relevant regulatory guidelines and legal requirements in the crypto industry. This precaution is essential to prevent legal repercussions and maintain brand integrity. Non-compliance can lead to legal issues, financial penalties, and damage to the brand’s reputation. For instance, endorsing a crypto project without disclosing potential risks might violate regulatory guidelines and harm the brand’s credibility.

4. Authenticity in Brand Alignment

Prioritize authenticity in crypto influencer-brand alignment to maintain credibility. This precaution helps in preserving the genuine representation of your brand values. Failing to ensure authenticity can lead to perceived insincerity, resulting in a loss of trust from the audience. For example, a brand advocating for financial transparency should avoid partnering with a crypto influencer known for promoting dubious investment schemes.

5. Monitoring and Analysis

Continuously monitor crypto influencer activities and analyze their impact on your brand. This precaution allows for swift responses to any issues or deviations from the agreed-upon strategy. Neglecting monitoring can lead to brand reputation damage, as issues may go unnoticed. A crypto influencer promoting a crypto project without regular oversight might inadvertently share misinformation, affecting the brand’s credibility.

Now that we have an idea of the precautions to take care of when working with crypto influencers, let’s explore the benefits that crypto influencers can bring to your business/brand.

5 Benefits of Working with Crypto Influencers (Why Should You Even Partner?)

Partnering with crypto influencers offers brands enhanced visibility and reach, credibility, active audience engagement, targeted marketing campaigns, and optimized conversion rates. These advantages translate to a broader online presence, improved consumer trust, increased audience interaction, precise targeting, and higher conversion rates. 

1. Enhanced Visibility and Reach

Partnering with crypto influencers enhances brand visibility among a targeted audience. This benefit can result in a significant increase in reach, expanding the brand’s online presence. For instance, a brand collaborating with a crypto influencer might experience a 30% increase in social media impressions, reaching a broader audience.

2. Credibility and Trust Building

Association with reputable crypto influencers builds brand credibility and trust. This advantage can lead to a 40% improvement in consumer trust, positively impacting conversion rates. An example is a crypto brand gaining trust by collaborating with a crypto influencer known for providing accurate and reliable information.

3. Audience Engagement and Interaction

Crypto influencer partnerships foster active audience engagement through comments, likes, and shares. Increased engagement, such as a 25% rise in comments, indicates a more connected audience. For instance, a brand collaborating with a crypto influencer witnesses higher engagement, creating a community around shared interests.

4. Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Crypto influencers help tailor marketing campaigns to specific target demographics. This benefit leads to a 20% improvement in targeting accuracy, ensuring campaigns resonate with the intended audience. An example is a brand targeting crypto enthusiasts through a crypto influencer, resulting in more effective and focused marketing efforts.

5. Conversion Rate Optimization

Collaborating with crypto influencers positively impacts conversion rates. A potential 15% increase in conversion rates can be attributed to influencer-driven marketing efforts. For instance, a brand promoting a crypto product through a crypto influencer sees higher conversions as the audience trusts the crypto influencer’s recommendations.

Now that we have an idea of the benefits of partnering with crypto influencers, let’s answer the most frequently asked questions to find the right influencers for your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let’s answer the most frequently asked questions about finding crypto Influencers for your brand. 

Why are crypto influencers important?

Crypto influencers are important because they can help brands reach a highly engaged audience. They can also provide valuable insights and advice to their followers.

How can I collaborate with crypto influencers?

You can collaborate with crypto influencers by reaching out to them directly or through influencer marketing platforms like Afluencer. You can offer to sponsor a post or series, provide a product for review, or offer a discount code to their followers.

What are some tips for reaching out to crypto influencers?

When reaching out to crypto influencers, it’s important to be respectful of their time and expertise. Start by researching the crypto influencer and their content to get a sense of their style and audience. Then, craft a personalized pitch that highlights how your brand can add value to their followers. Be sure to follow up with a thank-you note after the collaboration is complete.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when working with crypto influencers?

Some common mistakes to avoid when working with crypto influencers include failing to do your research, being too pushy or aggressive, and failing to provide clear guidelines and expectations. It’s also important to be transparent about your goals and budget from the outset.

What are some best practices for collaborating with crypto influencers?

Some best practices for collaborating with crypto influencers include being clear about your goals and expectations, providing value to the influencer and their followers, and being open to feedback and suggestions. It’s also important to be respectful of the influencer’s time and expertise.


In conclusion, identifying the right crypto influencers is pivotal for a successful marketing strategy. By prioritizing authenticity, conducting thorough research, and fostering transparent collaborations, brands can establish meaningful connections with influencers who resonate with their values. The crypto landscape offers immense potential, and strategic influencer partnerships can elevate brand visibility, trust, and engagement in this dynamic industry.

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