Nov 18, 2023

Find Influencers on TikTok – A-Z Guide, Criteria, Precautions, Pros, FAQs

Find Influencers on TikTok

TikTok is a popular short-form video platform. With over 1 billion users, its significance lies in its vast, engaged audience. Brand owners can leverage TikTok for effective product and brand promotion, reaching a wide demographic through creative and engaging video content.

JoinBrands streamlines TikTok influencer discovery, ensuring targeted reach. The platform offers transparent metrics, enhancing campaign effectiveness. Identifying authentic influencers fosters genuine audience engagement and amplifies brand credibility. Cost-effective collaborations yield optimal ROI for brand owners.

This article guides through finding TikTok influencers using JoinBrands in 6 steps as well as 3 other methods, and a complete 4-step TikTok influencer marketing guide. It highlights 5 key traits of a good TikTok influencer, outlines 5 precautions when collaborating, and discusses 5 benefits of such partnerships. FAQs and a conclusion offer additional insights.

Now we will answer the main query: Find influencers on TikTok.

Find Influencers on TikTok

What is a TikTok Influencer? 

TikTok Influencers are individuals on the TikTok platform with a substantial following, recognized for their creativity and engagement. Key criteria include audience size, engagement rates, and content authenticity. They can be categorized as micro, macro, or mega influencers, each catering to different campaign scales. Brand owners can leverage TikTok influencers by expanding reach, building trust, driving sales, and enhancing brand awareness.

Here are the three types of TikTok Influencers that can help your brand grow:

  1. TikTok Micro Influencers: Individuals with a smaller but engaged TikTok following, ideal for niche markets and small to medium-sized brand owners seeking authentic connections.
  2. TikTok Macro Influencers: TikTok users with a larger following, suitable for brand owners aiming for broader exposure and mainstream markets.
  3. TikTok Mega Influencers: Often celebrities with a massive TikTok following, suitable for large-scale brand promotions and reaching a diverse audience.

Now, we will discuss how to find these types of TikTok Influencers (best method with JoinBrands shared) along with a few other methods.

4 Methods to Find TikTok Influencers

In this section, we will discuss some of the methods to find TikTok influencers. We will include the overview, tools used and step by step procedure so you can promote your brand or sell products effectively through influencer marketing. 

Let’s review the 4 methods in detail. 

Method 1: Finding TikTok Influencers with JoinBrands (Best & Most Recommended) 

JoinBrands offers a streamlined process for finding TikTok influencers and connecting them with brands. It allows you to align your brand with the most suited TikTok influencers to achieve your marketing goals. 

Here are the 6 steps to find TikTok Influencers using JoinBrands:

  1. Sign Up on JoinBrands: Register as a brand.
  2. Start a Campaign: Choose between ‘TikToks’ for quality-focused content or ‘TikTok Blasts’ for quantity.
  3. Add Product Information: Include details like type, name, price, industry, and an external link, along with an image for TikTok.
  4. Choose Delivery Option: Decide between reimbursement or direct delivery to TikTok influencers.
  5. Customize Creator Demographics: Select specific TikTok influencer demographics like gender, age, and ethnicity.
  6. Review and Create Your Campaign: Finalize your choices and launch the TikTok campaign.

The significance of this method lies in its customization capabilities, enabling brand owners to precisely target the types of TikTok influencers that align best with their brand’s image and audience.

In order to have a step by step (image based guide) to find influencers on JoinBrands, click here

Method 2: Manual Search for TikTok Influencers

Explore TikTok manually to identify potential TikTok influencers by engaging with content and evaluating audience engagement. 

Here are the 5 steps to find TikTok influencers through manual search:

  1. Open the TikTok app.
  2. Browse through relevant hashtags.
  3. Engage with videos and profiles.
  4. Evaluate audience engagement.
  5. Identify potential influencers.

Manual search allows hands-on exploration, fostering a direct connection with TikTok content and audience, aiding in authentic TikTok influencer discovery.

Next, let’s delve into Method 3: Collaborating with Influencer Marketing Agencies.

Method 3: Collaborating with Influencer Marketing Agencies

Collaborate with agencies specializing in TikTok influencer marketing for professional assistance in finding suitable TikTok influencers. 

Here are the 5 steps to find TikTok influencers through influencer marketing agencies:

  1. Research and identify reputable agencies.
  2. Reach out to selected agencies.
  3. Discuss campaign goals and objectives.
  4. Receive agency recommendations.
  5. Collaborate with selected influencers.

Partnering with influencer marketing agencies provides expertise, industry insights, and a streamlined process for brand owners seeking TikTok influencers.

Moving on to Method 4: Utilizing Social Listening Tools.

Method 4: Utilizing Social Listening Tools for TikTok Influencers

Utilize social listening tools to track TikTok conversations and identify influencers aligning with your brand. 

Here are the 5 steps to find TikTok influencers using social listening tools:

  1. Choose a social listening tool.
  2. Set up relevant TikTok search queries.
  3. Monitor conversations and trends.
  4. Identify influential TikTok users.
  5. Engage with potential influencers.

Social listening tools offer a data-driven approach to influencer discovery, allowing brands to identify trends and influencers organically.

The Complete TikTok Influencer Marketing Guide (4 Easy Steps)

To find the right TikTok Influencer for your brand, first define your niche and target audience. Next, set a specific criteria for your TikTok influencers. After that, analyze performance and keep track of key metrics. Finally, connect authentically with TikTok influencers that align with your brand’s values.

1. Define Your Niche

Identify your brand’s niche and target audience. Determine the specific area or industry your brand belongs to and the audience you want to reach on TikTok. For instance, a sustainable fashion brand may define its niche as “eco-friendly fashion” and target environmentally conscious consumers on TikTok.

2. Set Criteria

Establish specific criteria like audience size and engagement rates. Define criteria such as the desired number of followers and preferred engagement rates for TikTok influencers. A tech brand may set criteria like “at least 100,000 followers” and “engagement rate above 5%” to ensure effective promotion within the tech community.

3. Analyze Performance

Evaluate influencers’ performance metrics on TikTok. Examine metrics like likes, comments, and shares to gauge the effectiveness of TikTok influencers. A fitness brand can analyze a potential influencer’s performance data to ensure they have a highly engaged audience interested in fitness-related content.

4. Connect Authentically

Engage withTikTok influencers aligned with your brand values. Establish genuine connections with TikTok influencers whose content resonates with your brand values. For instance, a pet food brand can authentically connect with influencers who share a love for animals, creating a more impactful collaboration that resonates with pet-loving audiences.

Now that we know how an influencer marketing campaign for TikTok works, we will now see what makes a good TikTok influencer.

What makes a Good TikTok Influencer? (5 Things to Consider to Find the Right TikTok influencer)

A good TikTok influencer is characterized by authentic content that resonates with their target audience, high engagement rates, niche alignment with your brand’s values, consistency in their content, and being a positive fit for your brand. 

1. Authenticity

A good TikTok influencer possesses authenticity, creating genuine connections with the audience, fostering trust and loyalty. For example, a TikTok influencer genuinely using and endorsing a product creates authenticity. In contrast, an influencer merely promoting products without personal use may appear inauthentic, impacting brand credibility.

2. Engagement Rates

High engagement rates, measured by likes, comments, and shares, signify an active and responsive audience. This is vital for brand exposure and establishing a connection with potential customers. Consider a TikTok influencer with a high engagement rate of comments and direct interactions. On the contrary, a TikTok influencer with a large following but low engagement may not effectively engage the audience, impacting the brand’s visibility.

3. Niche Alignment

Alignment with a specific niche ensures that the TikTok influencer’s content resonates with your brand’s target audience. This alignment enhances the effectiveness of promotional efforts. For instance, a beauty brand should collaborate with TikTok influencers focused on beauty and skincare. Conversely, a TikTok influencer predominantly promoting unrelated content, like gaming, might not effectively showcase the beauty brand.

4. Consistent Content Creation

Consistent content creation by TikTok influencers maintains audience interest and sustains a brand’s visibility. Consistency contributes to a steady and reliable presence, keeping the brand in the audience’s attention. Imagine a TikTok influencer consistently sharing engaging content about a brand, maintaining audience interest over time. Conversely, a TikTok influencer with irregular posting patterns may fail to retain audience attention, impacting the brand’s visibility and message consistency.

5. Positive Brand Fit

A positive brand fit ensures that the TikTok influencer’s values align with your brand’s image and messaging. This fit contributes to a cohesive brand representation, enhancing the overall impact of the collaboration. For example, a TikTok influencer who shares values of sustainability and eco-friendliness can effectively promote a brand with a similar ethos. On the other hand, a TikTok influencer whose values contradict those of the brand may create confusion among the audience.

Now that we know what makes a good TikTok influencer, let’s explore precautions to take while working with them.

Find Influencers on TikTok

5 Things to Take Care of While Working with TikTok Influencers  (Necessary Precautions) 

To ensure a successful collaboration with TikTok influencers, take precautions: verify authenticity, clarify contractual terms, analyze audience authenticity, align content with brand values, and monitor influencers consistently. For instance, neglecting clear contractual agreements may lead to misunderstandings, disputes, and influencers not meeting expectations, impacting the success of the collaboration.

1. Verify Authenticity

Ensure TikTok influencer authenticity by researching their background, content, and engagement. Authenticity is crucial to maintain trust and credibility. Failing to verify authenticity may result in collaborations with influencers using fake followers or engagement, damaging your brand’s reputation. For instance, a beauty brand collaborating with a TikTok influencer using fake engagement may face distrust among followers and harm its credibility.

2. Clarify Contractual Terms

Clearly define and communicate all terms in TikTok influencer contracts, including deliverables, payment, and duration. Clear contractual terms prevent misunderstandings and legal issues. Failure to clarify terms may lead to disputes, delayed campaigns, and damage to your brand reputation. For example, a fashion brand not clearly specifying content requirements may receive off-brand content, affecting the effectiveness of the campaign.

3. Analyze Audience Authenticity

Examine the authenticity of the TikTok influencer’s audience to ensure genuine engagement. Authentic engagement contributes to effective brand promotion. Neglecting to analyze audience authenticity may result in collaborations with TikTok influencers whose followers are not genuinely interested, impacting your brand’s visibility. Consider a fitness brand collaborating with an influencer whose audience primarily follows for unrelated content, diminishing the campaign’s impact.

4. Align Content with Brand Values

Ensure TikTok influencer content aligns with your brand’s values and messaging. Content alignment enhances brand representation and resonates with the target audience. Failing to align content with brand values may create inconsistencies and confusion, negatively impacting your brand image. For example, a sustainable lifestyle brand collaborating with a TikTok influencer promoting fast fashion may face backlash and harm its eco-friendly image.

5. Monitor Influencers Consistently

Regularly monitor TikTok influencers’ content, engagement, and audience interactions. Consistent monitoring ensures brand alignment and compliance with agreed-upon terms. Failing to monitor influencers may result in inappropriate content, inconsistent messaging, and damage to your brand’s reputation. For instance, a technology brand collaborating with a TikTok influencer sharing controversial views may face negative associations, impacting its brand perception.

Now that we have an idea of the precautions to take care of when finding TikTok influencers, let’s explore the benefits that TikTok influencers can have on your business/brand.

5 Benefits of Working with TikTok Influencers (Why Should You Even Partner?)

Partnering with TikTok influencers offers brand/business owners increased visibility, broader audience reach, enhanced engagement, authentic brand representation, and potential revenue growth. For instance, collaborating with influencers can result in a significant increase in brand visibility on TikTok. A fashion brand partnering with a TikTok influencer may experience a 30% boost in brand awareness within the target audience, leading to increased customer engagement and loyalty.

1. Increased Visibility

Partnering with TikTok influencers increases brand visibility on the platform, ensuring more eyes on your products or services. This heightened visibility can result in a 40% increase in brand impressions, expanding your reach within the TikTok community. For example, a beauty brand collaborating with a TikTok influencer may achieve increased visibility through video content showcasing its products to a broader audience.

2. Broader Audience Reach

Collaborating with TikTok influencers allows brand/business owners to tap into a diverse and extensive audience base. This broader reach can lead to a 50% increase in potential customers exposed to your brand. Consider a tech brand partnering with a TikTok influencer popular among tech enthusiasts, broadening the brand’s audience to include followers interested in the latest technological innovations.

3. Enhanced Engagement

Influencer collaborations drive higher engagement rates, with TikTok videos receiving an average engagement rate of 8-12%. This increased engagement can result in a 25% boost in interactions with your brand. For instance, a food brand collaborating with a TikTok influencer creating engaging recipe videos may experience higher likes, comments, and shares, fostering a sense of community around the brand.

4. Authentic Brand Representation

Partnering with TikTok influencers ensures authentic representation of your brand values, fostering trust and credibility. Authentic representation can lead to a 30% increase in positive brand perception among consumers. Imagine a sustainable lifestyle brand collaborating with a TikTok influencer who genuinely embraces eco-friendly living, authentically promoting the brand’s values and resonating with environmentally conscious followers.

5. Potential Revenue Growth

TikTok influencer collaborations have the potential to drive revenue growth, with an average return on investment (ROI) of $4.87 for every dollar spent. This revenue growth may result in a 20% increase in overall sales for your business. For example, an e-commerce brand partnering with a TikTok influencer for a product launch may experience a significant boost in sales, directly contributing to the brand’s financial success.

Now that we have an idea of the benefits of finding TikTok influencers, let’s answer the most frequently asked questions to find TikTok influencers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How can I identify the right TikTok influencers for my brand?

You can identify the right TikTok influencers for your brand, start by defining your target audience and aligning it with influencer demographics. Utilize influencer marketing platforms like JoinBrands to streamline the search process, allowing you to filter influencers based on your specific criteria. Additionally, consider influencers whose content aligns with your brand values and resonates with your target audience.

What criteria should I consider when selecting TikTok influencers?

When selecting TikTok influencers, consider criteria such as authenticity, engagement rates, niche alignment, consistent content creation, and positive brand fit. Authenticity ensures genuine connections, while high engagement rates signify an active audience. Niche alignment ensures relevance, consistent content creation maintains audience interest, and positive brand fit enhances brand representation.

How can I verify the authenticity of TikTok influencers?

You can verify the authenticity of TikTok influencers by conducting thorough research on their background, content, and engagement. Look for genuine interactions within comments and ensure their follower base aligns with your target audience. Neglecting authenticity checks may lead to collaborations with influencers using fake engagement, impacting your brand’s credibility.

What precautions should I take when collaborating with TikTok influencers?

When collaborating with TikTok influencers, take precautions such as clarifying contractual terms, analyzing audience authenticity, aligning content with brand values, and consistently monitoring influencers. Clear contracts prevent disputes, analyzing audience authenticity ensures genuine engagement, aligning content maintains brand consistency, and consistent monitoring avoids potential reputation damage.

How do TikTok influencer collaborations benefit my business?

TikTok influencer collaborations benefit your business by increasing visibility, reaching a broader audience, enhancing engagement, ensuring authentic brand representation, and potentially driving revenue growth. These collaborations can lead to a significant boost in brand awareness, expanded customer reach, increased customer interactions, positive brand perception, and a substantial return on investment (ROI).


In conclusion, discovering TikTok influencers is essential for brand growth. By leveraging JoinBrands and considering authenticity, engagement, and niche alignment, brands can navigate influencer collaborations successfully. Verifying influencers’ authenticity and aligning content with brand values are crucial steps. To harness the benefits of TikTok influencers, follow these guidelines outlined in the main article on how to find TikTok influencers.

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