Dec 05, 2023

Find Music Influencers – A-Z Guide, Criteria, Precautions, Pros, FAQs

Find Music Influencers

Music influencing is the practice of using music to impact emotions, decisions, or actions. With millions of users on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, it holds substantial cultural significance. Brand owners can leverage music influencing to enhance brand identity, evoke desired emotions, and create engaging content for effective promotion and sales.

JoinBrands allows you to easily connect and collaborate with music influencers for the promotion of your brand. Its seamless filters enable you to find music influencers that align best with your brand goals. 

This article guides us through finding music influencers using JoinBrands in 6 steps as well as 5 other methods. You also get a complete 9-step music influencer marketing guide. It highlights 10 key traits of a good influencer, outlines 5 precautions when collaborating, and discusses 5 benefits of such partnerships. FAQs and a conclusion offer additional insights.

Now we will answer: How to Find Music Influencers. 

Find Music Influencers

Table of Contents

What is a Music Influencer? 

Music Influencers are individuals with significant online presence who curate and share music content. Their authenticity, engagement metrics, and industry expertise are vital attributes. Examples include Playlist Curators, Music Reviewers, and Artist Collaborators. Leveraging these influencers can benefit brand owners by enhancing brand identity, reaching a wider audience, fostering authenticity, and creating memorable brand experiences. 

Here are the three types of Music Influencers that can help your brand grow:

  1. Playlist Curators: Individuals who curate playlists across platforms, influencing music discovery. Suited for brand owners aiming to integrate seamlessly into user playlists, creating brand associations with specific moods or genres.
  2. Music Reviewers: Critics or enthusiasts who review and share insights on new releases. Ideal for brand owners seeking endorsement and validation within the music community.
  3. Artist Collaborators: Musicians or artists collaborating with brands, providing authentic and integrated promotional opportunities. Suited for brand owners looking to align with specific artists or genres for a targeted audience.

Now, we will discuss how to find these types of Music Influencers (best method with JoinBrands shared) along with a few other methods.

6 Methods to Find Music Influencers

In this section, we will discuss some of the other methods to find music influencers. We will include the overview, tools used and step by step procedure so you can promote your brand or sell products effectively through influencer marketing. 

Let’s review 6 methods in detail. 

Method 1: Finding Music Influencers with JoinBrands (Best & Most Recommended) 

JoinBrands offers a straightforward approach for finding music influencers, catering specifically to brand owners. This platform allows brands to customize their music influencer search based on various criteria, including content type, influencer demographics, and product details.

Here are the 6 steps to find music Influencers using JoinBrands:

  1. Sign Up on JoinBrands: Register as a brand.
  2. Start a Campaign: Choose ‘UGC Videos: Content Only’
  3. Add Product Information: Include details like type, name, price, industry, and an external link, along with an image for music.
  4. Choose Delivery Option: Decide between reimbursement or direct delivery to music influencers.
  5. Customize Creator Demographics: Select specific music influencer demographics like gender, age, and ethnicity.
  6. Review and Create Your Campaign: Finalize your choices and launch the music campaign.

The significance of this method lies in its customization capabilities, enabling brand owners to precisely target the types of music influencers that align best with their brand’s image and audience.

In order to have a step by step (image based guide) to find music influencers on JoinBrands, click here

Now we will look at the next item on the list, finding music influencers on social media platforms.

Method 2: Discovering Emerging Music Influencers on Social Media Platforms

Explore platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube to discover emerging music influencers with engaged audiences. 

Here are the 3 steps to find music influencers using this method:

  1. Explore Hashtags: Search for popular music-related hashtags to discover music influencers in your niche.
  2. Utilize Platform Features: Utilize search and recommendation features on platforms to identify influencers.
  3. Engage with Followers: Check the engagement levels on posts to gauge a music influencer’s popularity.

This method is crucial for brand owners as it allows direct access to music influencers with active and engaged audiences, ensuring effective promotional campaigns.

Now, we will look at the next item on the list: Collaborating with Music Agencies.

Method 3: Collaborating with Music Agencies to Connect with Established Influencers

Partner with music agencies or talent management firms to connect with established music influencers. 

Here are the 3 steps to find music influencers using this method:

  1. Research Agencies: Identify reputable music agencies or talent management firms.
  2. Connect Directly: Reach out to agencies to express your interest in collaborating with music influencers.
  3. Discuss Criteria: Discuss your brand requirements, target audience, and campaign goals with the agency.

Collaborating with music agencies is significant for brand owners as it provides access to a curated selection of established influencers with proven track records.

Now, we will look at the next item on the list: Utilizing Influencer Marketing Platforms.

Method 4: Leveraging Influencer Marketing Platforms for Streamlined Discovery

Leverage influencer marketing platforms such as JoinBrands to discover, connect, and collaborate with suitable music influencers for your brand. 

Here are the 3 steps to find music influencers using this method:

  1. Create an Account: Sign up on influencer marketing platforms.
  2. Define Requirements: Clearly outline your brand requirements and campaign goals.
  3. Browse and Connect: Explore influencer databases, connect with relevant music influencers, and initiate collaborations.

Using influencer marketing platforms is crucial for brand owners as it streamlines the discovery process, offering a centralized platform for efficient collaboration.

Now, we will look at the next item on the list: Attending Music Events and Festivals.

Method 5: Networking at Music Events and Festivals for Authentic Collaborations

Network with artists and influencers at music events to identify potential collaborations and partnerships. 

Here are the 3 steps to find music influencers using this method:

  1. Attend Events: Participate in music events and festivals.
  2. Engage with Attendees: Network with artists, music influencers, and attendees.
  3. Express Interest: Communicate your brand’s interest in potential collaborations.

Networking at music events is significant for brand owners as it allows for authentic, in-person connections with music influencers, fostering genuine partnerships.

Now, we will look at the final item on the list: Engaging with Online Music Communities.

Method 6: Participating in Online Music Communities for Targeted Discovery

Participate in forums, groups, and communities related to music to find music influencers who align with your brand values and target audience. 

Here are the 3 steps to find music influencers using this method:

  1. Join Relevant Communities: Identify and join online communities focused on music.
  2. Observe Conversations: Monitor discussions to identify influential voices.
  3. Initiate Connections: Engage with potential music influencers by participating in conversations or reaching out directly.

Engaging with online music communities is crucial for brand owners as it provides a space for targeted discovery, allowing for connections with music influencers passionate about specific music niches.

The Complete Music Influencer Marketing Guide (9 Easy Steps)

To effectively find music influencers for your brand, start by defining clear objectives, such as enhancing visibility or driving sales. Identify your target audience’s music preferences, ensuring a match with demographics and interests. Understand the alignment between your brand and music genres, like a fitness brand with high-energy workouts aligning with EDM influencers. Explore active social media platforms, utilize influencer marketing platforms like JoinBrands, engage in hashtag exploration, and network at music events. Evaluate music influencer credibility, ensuring genuine endorsements, and initiate transparent collaborations, crucial for brand authenticity and sustainability.

1. Define Your Brand Objectives

Clearly outline your brand’s goals and objectives in leveraging music influencers. Determine if the aim is to enhance brand visibility, drive sales, or foster a specific brand image. For instance, a wellness brand may seek music influencers to create a calming and health-conscious brand atmosphere.

2. Identify Your Target Audience

Identify your target audience and their music preferences. This involves understanding demographics, interests, and the genres that resonate with your audience. For a tech gadget brand targeting young professionals, collaborating with tech-savvy music influencers may be ideal.

3. Understand Music Genre Alignment

Understand the alignment between your brand and various music genres. Assess which genres complement your brand identity and messaging. A fitness brand promoting high-energy workouts may find alignment with music influencers in the electronic dance music (EDM) genre.

4. Explore Social Media Platforms

Explore social media platforms where music influencers are active. Platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube are popular among music creators. For a fashion brand, collaborating with Instagram music influencers who curate stylish music content can enhance brand appeal.

5. Utilize Influencer Marketing Platforms

Utilize influencer marketing platforms to streamline the discovery process. Platforms like JoinBrands offer a centralized space to connect with a diverse range of music influencers. An outdoor adventure brand can efficiently discover and collaborate with music influencers who share content aligned with their brand values.

6. Engage in Hashtag Exploration

Engage in hashtag exploration to discover relevant music influencers. Search for popular hashtags related to your brand and explore music influencers using these tags. A beverage brand may find value in partnering with music influencers using trending hashtags related to beverage culture.

7. Network at Music Events

Network at music events and festivals to build authentic connections. Attend events related to your brand niche and engage with music influencers directly. For a travel brand, forming connections with music influencers at music festivals can lead to collaborative campaigns highlighting travel experiences.

8. Evaluate Influencer Credibility

Evaluate the credibility of potential music influencers. Review their follower engagement, authenticity, and past collaborations. A beauty brand aiming for authenticity may choose music influencers who genuinely use and endorse their products.

9. Initiate Transparent Collaborations

Initiate transparent collaborations by clearly communicating expectations and terms. Ensure music influencers align with your brand values and are transparent about sponsored content. An eco-friendly brand may collaborate with music influencers who transparently share their commitment to sustainability.

Now that we know how an influencer marketing campaign for a music influencer on Instagram works, we will now see what makes a good music influencer.

What makes a Good Music Influencer? (10 Things to Consider to Find the Right Music Influencer)

A good music influencer embodies authenticity, high engagement metrics, and credible endorsements. Niche relevance, consistent brand alignment, and transparent collaborations build a strong brand identity. Diverse content portfolios and effective communication skills ensure versatile and clear brand messaging. Adherence to ethical standards prevents controversies, and staying informed about industry trends maintains relevance. These qualities safeguard brand reputation and enhance the impact of music influencer collaborations.

1. Authenticity

Authenticity reflects a music influencer’s genuine persona and connections with their audience. For brand owners, collaborating with a music influencer who authentically aligns with their brand values fosters trust. A music influencer genuinely passionate about sustainable fashion resonates better than one promoting it without personal commitment.

2. Engagement Metrics

High engagement metrics indicate active and involved followers. For brand owners, music influencers with strong engagement ensure a broader reach and effective audience interaction. A skincare brand partnering with a music influencer boasting high likes, comments, and shares benefits from increased visibility and customer engagement.

3. Credible Endorsements

Credible endorsements showcase a music influencer’s commitment to authentic recommendations. Brand owners benefit from music influencers who endorse products genuinely aligned with their lifestyle. An example is a fitness brand collaborating with a music influencer who genuinely incorporates the brand’s supplements into their workout routine.

4. Niche Relevance

Niche relevance ensures a music influencer’s content resonates with your target audience. Brand owners benefit from music influencers whose content seamlessly integrates with their brand’s niche. For a tech gadget brand, a music influencer specializing in gadget reviews aligns more closely with the brand’s target audience.

5. Consistent Brand Alignment

Consistent brand alignment in a music influencer’s content maintains a cohesive brand message. For brand owners, collaborations with music influencers consistently aligning with their brand values build a stronger brand identity. An example is a sustainable fashion brand partnering with music influencers who consistently promote eco-friendly fashion choices.

6. Transparent Collaborations

Transparent collaborations indicate music influencers clearly communicating sponsored content. Brand owners benefit from music influencers who maintain transparency in their collaborations, fostering authenticity. A music influencer failing to disclose a paid partnership with a beauty brand risks compromising the trust of their audience.

7. Diverse Content Portfolio

A diverse content portfolio showcases a music influencer’s versatility and creativity. Brand owners benefit from music influencers capable of creating varied content that resonates with different aspects of their brand. An example is a lifestyle brand collaborating with a music influencer capable of creating diverse content, including fashion, travel, and product reviews.

8. Effective Communication Skills

Effective communication skills contribute to a music influencer’s ability to convey brand messages clearly. For brand owners, collaborating with music influencers who communicate effectively ensures that the brand message reaches the audience accurately. A music influencer lacking clear communication skills may misrepresent a brand’s values, leading to confusion among their audience.

9. Adherence to Ethical Standards

Adherence to ethical standards ensures music influencers maintain integrity in their collaborations. Brand owners benefit from music influencers who uphold ethical standards, preventing potential controversies. An example is a beauty brand collaborating with music influencers who refrain from promoting products with harmful ingredients or making false claims.

10. Staying Informed and Updated

Staying informed about industry trends reflects a music influencer’s commitment to staying relevant. Brand owners benefit from music influencers who stay updated, ensuring their brand remains aligned with current trends. A music influencer unaware of emerging music trends may not effectively promote a music streaming brand.

Now that we know what makes a good music influencer, let’s explore necessary precautions while working with them.

Find Music Influencers

5 Things to Take Care of While Working with Music Influencers  (Necessary Precautions) 

When collaborating with music influencers, take precautions by verifying authenticity to avoid scams, assessing brand alignment for consistent messaging, reviewing content quality for brand standards, clarifying collaboration terms to prevent misunderstandings, and staying informed about music influencers to manage controversies. These precautions safeguard your brand from potential misrepresentations and ensure transparent, positive partnerships.

1. Verify Authenticity

Verify the authenticity of music influencers through thorough research. It ensures collaborations with genuine music influencers, preventing potential scams or misrepresentations. Failure to verify authenticity risks associating your brand with music influencers who may not align with your values. For example, a beauty brand collaborating with a non-authentic music influencer may harm the brand’s credibility.

2. Assess Brand Alignment

Assess alignment between your brand values and the music influencer’s content. It guarantees collaborations that resonate with your brand identity, preventing brand image inconsistencies. Failure to assess alignment may lead to incongruent messaging, confusing your audience. An eco-friendly brand collaborating with a music influencer promoting environmentally harmful practices damages the brand’s sustainability image.

3. Review Content Quality

Review the quality and appropriateness of a music influencer’s past content. It ensures collaborations that maintain your brand’s standards and resonate positively with the audience. Neglecting content quality review may result in associations with music influencers producing low-quality or inappropriate content. For a high-end fashion brand, collaboration with a music influencer sharing low-quality content may diminish the brand’s perceived value.

4. Clarify Collaboration Terms

Clearly communicate collaboration terms, expectations, and guidelines. It establishes transparent partnerships, preventing misunderstandings or disputes. Failing to clarify collaboration terms may lead to music influencers deviating from agreed-upon content, affecting your brand message. For instance, a tech brand collaborating with a music influencer without clear terms may face misrepresentation of product features.

5. Stay Informed about Music Influencers

Stay informed about music influencers’ activities and public perceptions. It allows proactive management of potential controversies and ensures brand protection. Neglecting to stay informed may result in unforeseen issues damaging your brand’s reputation. For a beverage brand, staying informed about a music influencer’s public behavior prevents association with controversial actions.

Now that we have an idea of the precautions to take care of when finding a music influencer, let’s look at the benefits that music influencers can have on your business/brand.

5 Benefits of Working with Music Influencers (Why Should You Even Partner?)

Collaborating with music influencers brings enhanced brand visibility, authentic audience connections, targeted reach, increased engagement, and effective content distribution. This translates into exponential growth, fostering trust, reaching specific demographics, boosting conversions, and ensuring impactful content delivery. For instance, a fashion brand partnering with a high-engagement music influencer witnesses amplified visibility and increased consumer trust.

1. Enhanced Brand Visibility

Increased visibility through music influencers exposes your brand to wider audiences. For instance, partnering with music influencers with millions of followers can exponentially amplify brand reach. A fashion brand collaborating with a popular music influencer sees heightened visibility within the music influencer’s extensive follower base.

2. Authentic Audience Connection

Music influencers create authentic connections with their audience, enhancing brand trust. Brand owners benefit from these connections, fostering genuine relationships with potential customers. An example is a lifestyle brand aligning with a music influencer whose authentic engagement builds trust among followers.

3. Targeted Audience Reach

Collaborating with music influencers allows precise targeting of specific audience segments. Metrics such as engagement rates and demographic insights ensure targeted exposure to potential customers. A tech brand collaborating with music influencers specializing in tech-related content ensures direct exposure to a tech-savvy audience.

4. Increased Engagement and Conversions

Musicinfluencer collaborations drive higher engagement, leading to increased conversions. Metrics like likes, shares, and comments serve as indicators of audience engagement. An example is a beauty brand collaborating with a makeup tutorial influencer, generating high engagement and translating into increased product sales.

5. Effective Content Distribution

Music influencers facilitate effective distribution of branded content. Leveraging music influencers’ creativity ensures content resonates with the audience, leading to higher engagement. For a food brand, collaborating with music influencers creating visually appealing recipe videos ensures effective content distribution across diverse audiences.

Now that we have an idea of the benefits of finding a music influencer, let’s answer the most frequently asked questions to find a music influencer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What metrics indicate the effectiveness of music influencer collaborations?

Metrics that indicate the effectiveness of music influencer collaborations are engagement rates, likes, shares, comments, and demographic insights. These serve as indicators of the effectiveness of influencer collaborations. Monitoring these metrics allows you to gauge the impact of your collaboration, ensuring it aligns with your brand goals.

Can music influencers help in content distribution for my brand?

Yes, music influencers can play a crucial role in content distribution for your brand. They leverage their creativity to resonate with the audience and boost engagement. By partnering with music influencers, your brand can efficiently reach diverse audiences and enhance the visibility of your content.

How do I clarify collaboration terms with a music influencer to avoid misunderstandings?

You can clarify collaboration terms with a music influencer to avoid misunderstandings by clearly communicating collaboration terms, expectations, and guidelines to establish transparent partnerships and prevent potential disputes. This ensures both parties are aligned on deliverables, timelines, and overall objectives, fostering a smooth and productive collaboration.

Why is staying informed about music influencers important for brand protection?

Staying informed about music influencers is important for brand protection because it allows proactive management of potential controversies, safeguarding your brand’s reputation and image. Being aware of music influencers’ activities and public perceptions enables you to address issues swiftly, ensuring your brand remains protected and trustworthy.


In conclusion, navigating the realm of music influencers demands a strategic approach. Collaborating with these music influencers can significantly elevate brand visibility, foster authentic connections, and efficiently reach target audiences. By adhering to precautions, understanding criteria for a good music influencer, and leveraging the benefits discussed, brand owners can unlock the full potential of music influencer partnerships. Whether aiming for enhanced engagement, increased conversions, or effective content distribution, finding the right music influencers requires a balance of diligence, creativity, and clear communication. As the digital landscape evolves, the dynamic synergy between brands and music influencers remains a powerful catalyst for growth and brand resonance.

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